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The upper hill business center of Nairobi Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of the East African nation of Kenya. This city whose name evolved from the Maasai phrase ‘Enkare Nyirobi’ which translates as ‘the place of cool waters’ was founded in 1899 by the British as a rail depot on the railway line that linked the city of Mombasa to Uganda. Nairobi which at that time was a center for coffee, tea and sisal industries then grew so rapidly that it was eventually made the capital of British East Africa in 1907. Nairobi later went on to become the capital of the free Kenyan republic in 1963 and today this East African city which is located on the Nairobi River enjoys its position as one of the most prominent cities in Africa

Like various other global cities Nairobi can be described as a city of contrasts which is populated by wealthy green suburbs which co-exist with the dirt, grime and crime of its shanty towns. This leading financial and political hotspot of Africa which is also known affectionately as ‘the Safari Capital of the World’ is home to various industries like automobiles, apparel manufacturing and textiles, food processing and beverages and construction and building materials. Though Nairobi also has a significant UN presence as the international agency’s office in Nairobi hosts the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Program along with the headquarters of the UN- Habitat organization.

Business Class Fares to NairobiMost visitors who arrive in Nairobi tend to use the city as a base for further travel around Kenya and the safari parks of Africa. However the city which is a leading economic center in Africa is home to one of Africa’s largest Stock Exchanges, the Nairobi Stock Exchange and it also hots some of Kenya’s largest companies like KenGen, the Sameer Group, Kenya Airways, the Kenya Airports Authority, and the Standard Group. Additionally Nairobi is also populated with several multinational companies like General Electric, Coca Cola, Goodyear, Toyota Motors, Young and Rubicam, Google, Cisco Systems, Citibank, Siemens, Nokia amongst others.

The Narobi Conference CenterMany of these national and international companies operate from offices located in the many tall skyscrapers that pepper Nairobi’s Central Business district which is located in the heart of the city. Though many companies are now moving to newer business concentrations areas of the city like Upper Hill in an effort to lower the cost of doing business within Nairobi’s CBD. Nairobi’s Central Business District also has within its boundaries the 30 storied, Kenyatta International Conference Center which is the premier meetings, conferences and conventions center in Nairobi. This conference center has several well-equipped conference and meeting rooms with the largest room having the capacity to host over 4,000 delegates. The Kenyatta International Conference Center is also situated within close proximity to the COMESA grounds (The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa), which is a preferential trading zone for 19 East African and Southern African countries.

Nairobi skylineThe ‘Green City in the Sun’ as Nairobi is also known is also a thriving media epicenter for not only is the Kenyan capital city home to East Africa’s largest English language newspapers like the Daily Nation and the Standard but it also host several broadcast stations like the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation which is the state run television and radio station as well as the privately owned stations like the KTN and NTV networks. Additionally Nairobi also hosts various international media outfits like BBC, CNN, Reuters and CNBC Africa.

All this commercial and business activity have rendered Nairobi as an important business travel destination in East Africa and the city is quite well equipped to handle the constant influx of business and leisure travelers who arrive all year round at its Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The Nairobi airport which is located at a distance of 20km (2 miles) from the city’s CBD is the largest airport in East Africa and it handled nearly 5 million passengers in 2008. The city also has a second airport in the form of the Wilson Airport which lies to the south of Nairobi that handles domestic flights within Kenya.

As an important business travel destination in Africa Nairobi is also equipped with several well-appointed internationally renowned hotels which offer a wide spectrum of amenities for tourists as well as business travelers. Some of the most highly ranked business hotels in Nairobi include hotel properties like the Fairview Hotel, the Nairobi Serena Hotel, the Fairmont Norfolk Hotel, the Palacina Residence and Suites Hotel, the Safari Park Hotel, the Hilton Nairobi and the Intercontinental Nairobi hotel.

Nairobi National ParkFor someone who is based in the US, a trip to Nairobi may seem like a journey to the moon for the flight time from the east coast of the USA to this East African city easily extends over twenty hours. If you or your colleagues need to travel to Nairobi for business routinely then the only way you can hope to arrive at your destination in any kind of meeting-ready shape is to travel in the business class cabin of an airline provides a convenient connection to Nairobi though business class tickets to Kenya from the US can cost a pretty penny as they are often priced over $5000. However your company can easily manage to procure cheap business class tickets by partnering with a travel solutions company like the New York City based Fare Buzz which specializes in cheap business class airfares. Through its contracts with over sixty domestic and international airlines Fare Buzz is able to procure cheap business class flights to nearly every destination in the world. It is worth mentioning that these cheap business class tickets come with all the perks that are normally associated with regular business class tickets like mileage accrual and pre-assigned seats.

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