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The Norwegian capital city of Oslo is situated in the south east of the country close to the Swedish border. Oslo was founded in the Middle Ages by King Harald III of Norway though the city was almost razed to the ground due to a devastating fire in 1624 but then it was rebuilt by the Danish- Norwegian King Christian IV who renamed it Christiana after himself. In 1925, the name of the city was once again changed back to Oslo, today this city which is the largest in Norway is home to nearly half a million people. Oslo which is the gateway to Norway’s most scenic areas like forests, lakes and hiking trails is an immensely popular holiday destination though the city also has a thriving diverse and dynamic economy which renders it as an important destination for business travelers as well.

Oslo which has one of the highest regional GDP’s in Europe is an important hub for international trade, shipping and banking in Norway. The city is also home to a large maritime industry and hosts some of the world's largest shipping companies, shipbrokers and maritime insurance brokers. Det Norske Veritas which is one of the three major maritime classification societies in the world is headquartered at Høvik outside Oslo, and the city’s port is the largest general cargo port in the country and its leading passenger gateway. It is estimated that six million tons of cargo and more than five million passengers pass through Oslo’s port every year.

Aside from being a center for a buoyant shipping and maritime industry, Oslo is also known as an important global research center for the life sciences and the city which is populated by a highly educated workforce is especially known for its pioneering cancer research as well as research in other medical sciences like neuroscience, cardiovascular diseases, immunology, functional genomics and blue and green biotech. The city also has a well developed diagnostics and imaging industry and hence plays host to several major international pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca, MSD, Roche, GSK and Pfizer many of which choose to conduct various revolutionary clinic trials in Oslo.

Norway is blessed with substantial reserves of oil and natural gas and as Oslo is Norway’s premier business center it is home to a plethora of Norwegian and international Oil and Natural Gas companies like INTSOK, Norse Hydro, Fred.Olsen Energy, BW Offshore AS, Cryotank and more. The bulk of Oslo’s population is employed in the services sector and the city’s hotel, banking and insurance industries also count among its biggest employers.

The vibrant economic climate that prevails in Oslo has firmly entrenched the city as an important destination on the business traveler’s map and even though Oslo has the reputation of being one of the world’s most expensive cities it continues to attract hordes of business and leisure travelers year after year. These travelers usually get to Oslo by arriving at the state of the art Oslo International airport which is located 29 miles or 47 km to the northeast of the city. Oslo is also equipped with an extensive and efficient public transport system which is made up of buses, trams, subway, trains and ferries that are operated by Oslo Sporveier.

As far as accommodation is concerned Oslo is equipped with a wide array of hotels which cater to every level of a travel budget and include popular choices like the Grand Hotel Oslo which is a luxury hotel located in the heart of the city, First Hotel Grims Grenka which is a Norwegian design hotel that is an exponent of modern Scandinavian style and the Best Western West Hotel which is a well appointed, non smoking hotel located in a quiet residential enclave behind the Royal Palace.

Oslo is an animated, cosmopolitan city which also has much to offer in terms of rest and relaxation for the visiting business traveler. In this regard the city is equipped with an wide assortment of cafes, bars and restaurants like De Fem Stuer, the Palace Grill, Stranden 75 and Solsiden which offer varied dining opportunities. Additionally Oslo is filled with numerous historic attractions like the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Royal Palace and Gardens, the Opera House and treasure-filled museums like the National museum, the Vikingship Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum and the Munch Museum which present a world of sight-seeing opportunities for the business traveler who is on a work visit to the city.

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