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Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro which is popularly referred to as simply Rio is the second largest city of this prominent emerging economy. Rio which is also nicknamed ‘A Cidade Maravilhosa’ or "The Marvelous City" is especially known the world over for its vibrant, glamorous lifestyle which is centered on its more than 50 miles of gorgeous beaches. Apart from being the home city of world famous beaches like Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, Rio is also known the world over as the host city of one of the biggest Carnival celebrations. This event which takes place every year, forty days before the Easter festival attracts more than 500,000 visitors who head to Rio to revel in the celebrations of the event which has often been described as ‘the wildest party on earth’.

However this pulsating city which is inhabited by a diverse population, collectively referred to as ‘Cariocas’ also has a serious business side which is sometimes overshadowed by the popular associations that Rio is known for like samba dancing, gorgeous bronzed bodies and Bossa nova music. Rio which during colonial times served as the capital of Brazil is today the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. This city nowadays features prominently on the world stage for it has been picked as the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games; in fact Rio de Janeiro is the first South American city to receive this honor. In addition to the Summer Olympics in 2016, Rio will also host the final of the FIFA football World Cup in 2014. These two major global sporting events are expected to give a major fillip to development in the city of Sugarloaf Mountain which is usually only noticed its glorious crescent-shaped beaches, glittering bay and world famous landmarks including some crime riddled favelas(shanty-towns).

Rio is in fact a serious business travel destination as the city is home to major industries like oil and natural gas businesses, financial services and telecommunications and technology industries. Aside from these core industries , Rio also host various other major industries like food processing businesses, chemicals and pharmaceutical production industries, ship building, textiles and apparel production and furniture making. As a result of all this hectic activity some of Brazil’s largest companies like Petrobras, Eletrobrás, Caixa Econômica Federal, Vale, Intelig, Oi and Embratel all have their headquarters in Rio which also hosts the country’s second most important stock exchange, the Bolsa da Valores do Brasil and the Brazilian development bank, the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social –which is known as BNDES and is the second largest development bank in the world.

Rio is also located within close proximity of the oil rich Campos Basin which is an area that extends over 100,000 square kilometers and encompasses more than 40 discovered fields. The discovery of these oilfields has led to the setting up of the Brazilian headquarters of international oil and gas majors like Shell, EBX and Esso in Rio de Janerio. Aside from these Oil and Gas companies, several other consumer goods companies like Coca Cola, IBM, El Paso and pharma majors like Merck. Roche and others have their Brazilian headquarters in Rio. Further Rio also hosts much of Brazil’s media industry as it is home to popular TV stations like TV Globo and major daily newspapers like Jornal do Brasil and O Globo.

The city of Sao Paulo has always been considered as the economic and financial center of Brazil but Rio in spite of its party-loving image doesn’t lag too far behind, in fact the city has become an important center for the billion-dollar investment industry so much so that the Rio de Janeiro State Federation of Industries in a recent study predicted that public and private investment would pump $60.3 billion into the state over the next three years and this amount would be over and above the additional $14.2 billion which is being budgeted for the 2016 Olympic Games. All these indicators point to the increasing importance of Rio as a serious business travel destination.

Business travelers who head to Rio access the city and the rest of Brazil via its main international airport, the Galeão - Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport which has within its folds Brazil’s longest runway which measures 4000 meters(13,123 feet) as well as South America’s largest and best equipped cargo logistics terminals. This international airport which hosts a wide array of air carriers from around the world also has easy connections to the city’s Santos Dumont Airport which is used mainly for domestic air connections.

To accommodate the growing numbers of business travelers, the city of Rio currently has 28,000 hotel rooms in properties like the 86 year old world famous Copacabana Palace Hotel, the Hotel Fasano and the hotel Caesar Park in Ipanema, and the newly opened Hotel Santa Teresa which is located on a verdant hilltop located at a distance of 10 minutes from downtown Rio. However the city’s current accommodation capacity is being rapidly expanded to meet the growing business travel and event hosting needs of the city.

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