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Stockholm is the capital and the largest city of the small Scandinavian country of Sweden. The Swedish capital city which is largely regarded as the economic, cultural, political and media hub in Scandinavia extends over fourteen islands on the country’s south-central east coast where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea. Stockholm is especially renowned for the scenic beauty of its many waterways which have led it to be christened as ‘the Venice of the North’.

A favorite with leisure travelers, Stockholm is annually visited by more than a million vacationers, however aside from these tourists; Stockholm is also a highly popular venue on the conference circuit. In fact Stockholm which ranks amongst the top three conference venues in Europe, is also ranked by the World Bank as one of the best cities in world to do business in. There are several reasons for these accolades for not only is Stockholm an extremely picturesque city where the old world (in the form of its old Town, the Gamla Stan) coexists with the new world which takes the form of bold, modern forms of architecture, it is also devoid of much heavy industry and thus is one of the cleanest and greenest metropolises in the world.

Additionally Stockholm is easily accessible from various parts of the world and its main airport; Arlanda receives almost 500 international direct flights every day. The city also has the accommodation capacity of approximately 40,000 hotel rooms most of which are located within its more than 250 city-center hotels like the opulent and expensive, Grand Hotel, the business traveler’s favorite , the Clarion and the Nordic Light. Another advantage that Stockholm has over other conference venues in Europe is that is home to a well qualified, largely English speaking population and it also offers a wide array of recreational facilities for executives who come to the Swedish capital for conferences and meetings. Last but not the least is the fact that Stockholm is well served by an efficient public transport system which is made up of the Stockholm Metro (Tunnelbana), three suburban rail systems, thee light rail systems, busses, a public city bike system and an airport express train service , called the Arlanda Express which makes getting to the city center from the airport an absolute breeze.

Stockholm has the reputation of being one of the most knowledge intensive and creative regions in the world and it is especially known for its highly skilled population which is largely employed in the service sector. The city has within its boundaries several renowned centers of learning like The Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, or KTH), Stockholm School of Economics, Ersta and The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan, or GIH) all of which are known for their research facilities and academic excellence. Moreover the city is especially well known as important hub for cutting edge technology as it is hosts the headquarters of several world famous Swedish companies like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, TeliaSonera, Securitas AB and the Electrolux group though it is also home to the outposts of several international companies like IBM, Capgemini, Acronis and Sodexho.

Aside from being a hotbed of innovative technology, Stockholm is also the most important financial center in Sweden that is home to the Swedish Stock Exchange (Stockholmsbörsen) which is the most prominent stock exchange in Scandinavia and it also hosts several major banks and financial services firms like Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Nordea AB and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken which along with the technology companies are the major employers in Stockholm. Further, Stockholm is also hosts much of Sweden’s media industry as it is home to four national newspapers as well as public television and radio and it also hosts the world headquarters of the well known street fashion darling, the Swedish clothing retailer, Hennes & Mauritz AB which is popularly known by its brand name of H&M.

In addition to its serious business side, Stockholm also offers a lively after-work scene which is largely dominated by various distinctive bars, restaurants and clubs like the T/Bar at the Diplomat Hotel, the Cadier Bar at the Grand Hotel, the Berns Salonger at Berzelli Park and the Absolut Ice Bar at the Nordic Sea Hotel all of which are immensely popular with the many business and leisure travelers who head year round to the Swedish capital city.

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