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    Warren, Thank you tremendously for all of your wonderful assistance with scheduling this flight; you were patient, thorough, kind, knowledgeable, professional and timely. This flight is for my brother in Florida, who recently lost his wife (quite unexpectedly); he sends his sincere appreciation as well.
    - Debra Coleman

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    International Airfare Consolidators

    Business travel is a part and parcel of modern day business. If a company wants to grow and develop it has to spread its wings by conquering new markets and territories and often these markets are located in faraway countries whose customs and traditions differ greatly from those in the company’s home country. Apart from developing new markets, most companies nowadays are also seeking to streamline their bottom lines by controlling production costs and this often requires the shifting of a production base to a low cost country or region. Many a time these low cost production centers are located in foreign countries which have alien cultures. Business travel under all these diverse circumstances becomes integral to the success of a business and cannot be eliminated if a company has to continue to thrive.

    However when this business travel involves long haul, transcontinental journeys which are undertaken in the premier cabins of airlines, it can deplete a company’s annual travel budget quite rapidly. Companies over the years have learned that they have to effectively manage their business travel costs if they have to maximize the returns from their investment in business travel.  Hence the role of the in-house travel department has become extremely important in recent times, for these departments now try to use various strategies to secure the lowest possible business fares for all their company’s business travel needs. One of the best ways for them to secure these discounted fares is to work in tandem with reputable international airfare consolidators.

    An airfare consolidator usually has access to heavily discounted tickets to nearly all worldwide destinations. These airfares consolidators work as ticket brokers who deal directly with airlines to negotiate prices which are often 70% lower than the airlines’ published prices.  Airfare consolidator contracts are usually awarded to those companies which have an established track record in selling fares and do huge volumes of business.

    In-house travel departments would then benefit immensely by partnering with a full service travel management company, like the New York City based Fare Buzz for it is also an airfare consolidator. Fare Buzz has an exclusive relationship of over sixty domestic and international airlines and the preferred status that it enjoys with these airlines gives to access to a regular supply of consolidators airfare which it then offers to  it regular clients. Moreover Fare Buzz also has a preferred relationship with a wide network of more than 100,000 hotel properties and offers personalized services in the form of its travel desk which is manned as it is by experienced ‘live’ travel consultants who are on hand seven days a week to help you find the best business class air fares along with hotel deals.

    Further Fare Buzz operates its own rewards program in conjunction with American Express Rewards Cards and every flight, hotel, vacation package and car rental that you book through Fare Buzz earns you valuable points which can then be redeemed at more than 200 of the nation’s retail and travel outlets.  So don’t’ waste any more time but call the travel team at  Fare Buzz  at 1-800-847-1963 for all your business and leisure travel needs today.