Monthly Archives: November 2014

One-way Tickets versus Round-trip Flight Tickets

If you are a savoir-faire traveler, you must know your way around cheap airfares to a particular destination. As a rule of thumb, round trip tickets to and from any destination are usually more affordable than two one-way tickets. An avid traveler would be familiar with these terms, but for those who are yet to…
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Important Tips to consider when booking a Red Eye Flight

Air travel can be costly as well as cheap, which however depends on the destination and duration of the flight. One would always want to have his/her flight cheaper. A red eye flight can fulfill your objective of making air travel cheaper, particularly when you are traveling within North America. Typically, Red Eye Flights are…
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Best ways to book Last Minute Flights

Traveling during an emergency situation is more often fraught with obstacles and just might prove to be a costly affair. This is equally true with air travel, particularly at a shorter notice. It is cost prohibitive. Booking last minute flights can prove to be tedious and pricier. There’s a general perception that it costs a…
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