Free amenities by U.S. domestic carriers – A Brief Overview


Over the past few years the commercial aviation industry in the United States has undergone significant changes, particularly on the domestic front. There were times when the cost of certain "a-la-carte" services were included in the airline ticket and sometimes it also seemed that the airlines were charging a fee for almost everything, especially the low-cost carriers.

But in the present competitive times when there is a mad scramble among the airlines to attract customers in a big way, things have been changing rather fast. Whether you travel frequently or once a week or once a year, are you aware that there are still some free amenities being offered on domestic flights.

Here are some of the free amenities offerings by leading U.S. carriers on domestic routes. These carriers include American Airlines, Virgin America, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways.

As part of its in-flight entertainment, American Airlines is offering drop-down TV screens from the ceiling broadcasting a movie. The new aircrafts deployed on select routes are offering in-seat personal entertainment with some free programming.

The in-flight entertainment currently offered by Virgin America is undoubtedly the best being offered on U.S. domestic routes today. This exclusive in-flight entertainment system is called “Red”. It is provided to all passengers offering free satellite TV, video games and music.

The passengers on most domestic flights are not provided blankets. However, Delta Air Lines still continues to offer blankets to its  customers booking flights on domestic routes. These are also being provided by the airline’s regional partner airlines. Delta Air Lines also provides a wide choice of peanuts, pretzels or cookies to the domestic flyers. Free snacks are also provided on shorter flights as well.

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