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Summer is the perfect season to take some time off work and have a romantic getaway with your loved one. This time of year, there are plenty of great deals on cheap tickets to your favorite destinations in the U.S. and abroad. Whether you want to relax on the beach, get a spa treatment or explore the great outdoors, there's somewhere for every couple. Check out the list below for some of the best romantic travel destinations of 2016.

1. Seattle
Nature lover should absolutely consider grabbing some cheap tickets to Seattle this summer. Escape the heat in the forests outside the metropolitan area, or enjoy a weekend trip to one of the nearby islands. According to ParentMap, you can even rent a room in Treehouse Point, where you'll sleep among the upper branches of a lush forest. It's a rustic, romantic getaway that will give you memories to last a lifetime. And even if spending a weekend in the woods isn't for you, there's still plenty on offer in Seattle. Skip the big tourist attractions and explore the city's vibrant foodie scene.

Quintana Roo is home to gorgeous beaches and ancient ruins.

2. Quintana Roo, Mexico
On the tip of the Yucatan peninsula, bordering the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, is the state of Quintana Roo. It's home to some of the most romantic resorts in the country. So avoid the norther tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta and head a little further south for a lovely time with your special someone. SFGate reported that Sin Duda Villas, CasaSandra and Esencia are among Mexico's best resorts. Find some cheap tickets to Cancun and enjoy the perfect vacation on the beach.

3. Florida Keys
For scuba diving and snorkeling, you should definitely consider heading down to the Florida Keys. There you and your loved one can slip into some flippers and swim through clear waters under a tropical sun. Key Largo and Key West are awesome spots for snorkeling, according to Tropical Snorkeling. Colorful fish and brilliant coral reefs are exciting to explore, especially when you have a great adventure buddy. And after a day of swimming, you can retreat to a romantic resort hotel for a bottle of wine and some fresh seafood.

Seville has heavy Moorish influence.

4. Andalucia, Spain
The southern coast of Spain is always sunny. From Seville to Malaga, you and your loved one can enjoy the delicious cuisine and flowing wine. As you're surrounded by ancient castles, pastoral countryside and wonderful people, you can completely forget about your troubles. Consider flying to Seville, and slowly journey through the country until you reach the port of Malaga, where the Spanish and Moorish cultures combine. It'll be the adventure of a lifetime.

This summer, you and your significant other deserve some quality time together in a beautiful location. What better way to spice things up than to get some cheap tickets to the destination of your dreams?

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