San Antonio: Your next affordable sunny getaway


If you're looking for cheap tickets to a warm winter vacation, look no further than beautiful San Antonio, Texas. Rather than spending your winter respite on a crowded beach, you can experience the warm weather while taking in some iconic sights and indulging in some excellent southern soul food.

Still not convinced? Check out some of the best things to do San Antonio this winter:

San Antonio Riverwalk
The San Antonio river has been a part of the city from the very beginning. In addition to transportation and commerce, the river brings beauty and life to San Antonio. The Riverwalk sits along the shore of the river, slightly below street level. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the scenery, hire a boat to take them further along the waterway or stop at one of the many bars and restaurants along the way. Also located along the walk are museums, the city zoo, and several Spanish missions.

The Alamo
Perhaps San Antonio's most well-known attraction, The Alamo began as a Spanish Mission in 1744 and served as religious building until 1793. Shortly after it was abandoned, The Alamo was used as a military fortress during the Mexican War For Independence. Most notably, the site saw the famous Battle of the Alamo, a 13-day siege which took hundreds of American and Mexican lives. Now, the building stands as a monument to those men and serves as a museum dedicated to the history of the area.

San Antonio is perfect for a cheap winter getaway.San Antonio is perfect for a cheap winter getaway.

Missions National Historical Park
If The Alamo doesn't quench your thirst for learning about history, head to Missions National Historical Park, located south of the downtown area. Here you can explore four additional Spanish Missions which date back to the 1700s. There are several other historical buildings in the park, as well as a small aqueduct. The park is free and open to the public, though some of the churches in the park may occasionally close for weddings and other celebrations. If you're looking to spend a lazy afternoon walking and learning about the past, don't miss this park.

Tower of the Americas
In downtown San Antonio, you'll find the Tower of the Americas, a 750-foot tall structure with an observation deck and restaurant located at the top. There's also a 4D theatre experience which will take you up into the skies above San Antonio and beyond. Tickets are $12 for adults and $9 for children, which makes this a very affordable stop on your trip. If you're in town with your sweetheart, the fine dining establishment at the top of the tower is perfect for a romantic dinner.

Who says you need to go somewhere tropical for winter vacation? Grab your cheap tickets to San Antonio and not only will you escape the cold weather, you'll also get to see some fascinating sights that you just can't find anywhere else on earth.

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