The many Advantages of Business Travel


It’s a well-known fact that in spite of technological advances that work-related travel is growing worldwide. Statistics reveal that Global Business travel spending in 2016, amounted to 1.3tn USD and this figure is estimated to rise at 3.7% per annum over the next decade.

Mergers and acquisition activity, the emergence of startups around the world along with meetings, conferences, and trade fairs are all fueling this surge in business travel, which has a trickle-down effect on various allied industries.

So why is business travel so essential and why is it growing so rapidly?

Team-building through Business Travel

Many companies believe that creating opportunities for employees to mingle in social and staged activities like games, competitions, and quizzes. However, traveling away to the office to a retreat or an offsite also promotes teambuilding and bonding for the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of travel gives employees a chance to meet, connect and even solve problems in real-world situations. Situations like flight delays and cancellations, messed-up hotel bookings, theft or accidents on a work trip enable colleagues to adapt to new changing circumstances and problem solve on the go. Business travel this is much more effective than activities that are specifically tailored to promote teambuilding.

Business Travel aids exposure and enlightenment

Only when an employee sets out to visit a company’s satellite offices or clients in remote corners of the world does he/she realize the ground realities and working conditions of that location. Face to face interaction is the only way to learn about cultural differences and attitudes of people working in overseas offices.

Business Travel as an incentive

Many companies reward an employee’s excellent performance with a paid junket to a resort or an overseas destination. Business travel in this form serves as a boost and an incentive for employees to maintain or even improve performance.

Business Travel as a networking tool

Business travel takes you away from your office and your home city. Your travels give you the chance to meet new people and thus enhance your network. You never know whom you may encounter on your flight or in your hotel for there are thousands of stories out there of job offers being made on flights and alliances being forged in hotel bars.

Business travel breaks the monotony of work and burnout

The chance to travel and discover new destinations helps an individual to escape the humdrum of the daily grind. More often than not people return from a successful business trip rejuvenated and energized.

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