Monthly Archives: September 2019

Six things to do this Fall in Copenhagen

It’s said that Copenhagen is the happiest city in the world. Based on the worldwide popularity of hygge, it’s not hard to believe. As the days of fall lengthen into the darkness of Danish winter, it’s the high season of hygge. The cozy warmth of candlelight and festive lights is on display, and all those…
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Become a Digital Nomad: Work Remotely While Traveling the World

The Instagram version of “digital nomads” paints a picture of paddle-boarding in a tropical lagoon during the day while blogging about it with an umbrella drink in hand for a few hours in the afternoon followed by dancing the night away under the stars. It makes for pretty pictures, and yes, it’s true that you…
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Ten Places to Visit With Your Grandparents

Multigenerational traveling is growing in popularity because it provides an opportunity to spend quality time with the elders of the family and create memories. A multigenerational vacation requires some planning to meet the requirements of all age groups such as reduced mobility of older family members and perhaps dietary needs of the very young ones.…
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