Hiking: The best trails in New England


With the end of summer in sight, it's the perfect time to plan your autumn adventure. And where better to see all the colors of fall than in the forests of New England? Watch the trees change from lush green to stunning oranges, yellows and reds as you hike through the some of the best trails in the U.S. Keep reading to learn about where to go this fall:

How to prepare for a New England hike
Before you fly off to your hiking adventure, you should think about what you'll need to bring with you and what you'll have to acquire at your destination. As you pack your luggage, think about what the weather will like and the conditions you're likely to face in the elements. Autumn in New England can be a fickle season, ranging from temperatures that are quite warm to rather cool, especially at night. Pack layered clothing so you can adjust as needed.

You'll also want to bring a pair of sturdy hiking shoes or boots. If you plan on doing some camping, consider renting any large equipment and only bringing what can reasonably fit in your luggage. Compare the costs of renting versus the fees for oversized luggage as you plan your trip.

When it comes to food and water, you're better off purchasing supplies at your destination. On your drive to the trail, you can pick up some protein bars and sports drinks along with any other perishable items you need to bring along. Always remember to stay hydrated on the trail.

Also realize that your smartphone may not work on the trail and shouldn't be relied upon for directions. Print out a map of the trail ahead of time, or buy a guide book, especially for those difficult trails.

Hiking is one of the best ways to experiencing the changing of the seasons.

Bigelow Mountain
Just a few hours drive from Bangor, Maine is Bigelow Mountain, a great trail where hikers can enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the abundant bird life. According to Maine Trail Finder, the loop trail to the top of the mountain is somewhat difficult, so you should be prepared with the proper equipment. The hard work is worth it, however, for the stunning vistas afforded by the mountaintop.

Mount Major
If you're looking for a family-friendly hike, consider Mount Major. To reach this trail, grab some cheap tickets to Manchester, New Hampshire and rent a car. You can be at the trailhead in a matter of hours. According to AllTrails, this 3.8 mile loop is ideal for families with children and pets. Mount Major is great for day hikes and picnics among the changing foliage.

Mattabesett Trail
Located near Hartford, Connecticut, Mattabesett trail is full of wildflowers and scenic views. AllTrails noted that this trail is only open until October, so it's best to visit early in the season. The full nine mile hike is perfect for outdoor lovers who want to spend a day out in nature. Those with families can hike part of the trail and still have a great experience.

Fly off to your Hiking Adventure!

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