3 ways to get rid of stress in Costa Rica


In Costa Rica, one of the most common sayings is "Pura Vida," which means "pure life" in English. The locals use the saying to greet one another, but it's also an expression of relaxation and taking it easy. The essence of the phrase is to remind those who say it to stop and be thankful for what they have.

Visitors to Costa Rica often find that the pace of life is somewhat slower than they are used to, and for many that is a great thing. When you get your cheap tickets to Costa Rica, you're on your way to having one of the most relaxed trips of your lifetime.

Here's how you can embody the spirit of Pura Vida in every aspect of your vacation and beat the stress of daily life:

1. Spend a day exploring the cloud forest
One of the top attractions in Costa Rica is the cloud forest, a nature reserve in Monteverde. The forest sits over 4,600 feet above sea level, making it truly a forest in the clouds. Visitors can walk on bridges suspended several hundred feet in the air or ride a zip-line through the forest canopy. Everywhere you look, you'll be surrounded by beautiful greenery. Coffee lovers can even get a tour of the sustainable plantations in Monteverde, following the beans from tree to cup with an English-speaking tour guide.

Sitting atop the world with a cup of steaming coffee on a misty morning is just the thing you need to recharge your batteries and find some inner peace.

2. Practice yoga on the beach
Yoga is quite popular in Costa Rica and you can even make it the centerpiece of your vacation. In fact, the country is home to several yoga retreats, many of which are located right on the spectacular shores for which Costa Rica is named. According to Travel + Leisure Magazine, some retreats even cater to families who want to relax together and practice healthy living. There's really no better way to practice your sun salutations than on a golden beach early in the morning.

Take a dip under a beautiful waterfall.Take a dip under a beautiful waterfall.

3. Hike to a waterfall
There are a few spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica, but one of the best has to be La Fortuna. Because the surrounding hills are so covered in foliage, the water almost seems to sprout from the wall of leaves like a leak in a vast dam. Visitors can hike to a viewing point for photo opportunities and then continue the trek down to the base of the waterfall where you can take a dip in the crystal clear water and sun bathe on the glistening rocks. It's an invigorating experience that will make you feel truly alive.

In Costa Rica, you can fully immerse yourself in nature and spirit of Pura Vida. After a single day, you'll begin to feel your stress melt away. By end of your vacation, you'll have trouble remembering what was causing all that stress in the first place. Make Costa Rica your next vacation destination and you'll make your friends back home green with envy.

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