In Tokyo Just For the Sushi


Love your sushi? Want to know what authentic sushi tastes like? Then, it’s time you booked your flights to Tokyo to start a fishing expedition to find the best tasting sushi in the world. But be warned; you have to be prepared to spend for the best experience and wait for hours in lines before you can get your hands (and your mouth) at the best sushi.

When you are in Tokyo, you will understand that the city is serious about its Sushi culture. Sushi chefs are trained intensively and they make sure their food looks as good as it tastes; so take your cameras along for your sushi tour. And if you want the best local experience, eat the local way; with your fingers and with just the right touch of soy sauce and wasabi. Use chopsticks for gari, the sweet pickle accompaniment.

Where to eat: This is where the plot gets confusing. Tokyo’s restaurant density is astounding; so the choices you have are incredible. Even if you are on a strict sushi diet, you get to choose from inexpensive sushi bars to “once in a lifetime splurge sushi restaurants”. Here is brief guide of top sushi spots in Tokyo.

Step 1: Every sushi lover in Tokyo starts his or her tour with a visit to the famed Tsukiji fish Market; this 22 hectares of market with the freshest of fish and all kinds of sea creatures, exciting auctions and unbelievable busy stalls is a lovely place to start your sushi expedition.

Make sure you are here by 4.30 AM if you want to see the auctions because entry is restricted to 140 visitors for the early morning shift. Stand in queues to have one of the best sushi experiences in Tokyo at Sushidai; get fresh fish at surprisingly cheap rates. However, you may have to spend over 2 hours in a queue just to get into this place; another option here is the Daiwa Sushi where the queue moves faster and the sushi tastes great.

Conducted tours of the market are also available along with a cooking session in a popular restaurant where you can learn the nuances of making sushi. Make sure you follow the market rules for tourists and don’t disrupt the daily business of the sellers.

Eat sushi any time of the day at any branch of Tokyo’s Sushi Zanmai; get different varieties of Japan’s favorite food at a fraction of the cost you may have to pay at other places.

Other affordable, yet popular sushi establishments in Tokyo are Edogin and Magurobito where the quality is praised by all. If you have a huge appetite, Midori-Zushi’s generous portions are sure to satisfy you along with their modification of the popular dish to suit western palate.

For moderate budgets, Fukuzushi and Sushi Saito suit the bill and your mission; savor heavenly sushi in friendly restaurants where you can select what you want.

Sushi Mizutani, Sukiyabashi Jiro and Kyube are the ultimate destinations for sushi devotees. Unbelievably expensive, but ultimately the best; these restaurants are celebrities in the Tokyo restaurant scene, but make sure you book your table months in advance, maybe even before you book your flight tickets to Tokyo.

Sushi is not just a favorite Japanese dish; it forms part of the culture of the country. You can discover Tokyo by just taking a sushi tour of the city.

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