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Namibia is a hidden gem located on the southwest coast of Africa. This vast ancient land, which features spectacular diverse landscapes and eleven diverse cultures, is the second least populated country in the world. But that doesn’t stop the rich and famous from visiting this spectacular country. Rumor has it that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Megan Markel, had shortlisted this fascinating place as a honeymoon destination while no less than ten Hollywood movies have used the enormous and amazing Namibian desert as a movie backdrop. Thanks to the Hollywood elite and royalty that like to vacation in Namibia, the country now has a well-developed network of luxury lodges and camps that count as some of the most luxurious abodes on the continent.

Revel in the stark beauty of the Namib is the world’s oldest desert.Namib DesertThe Namib is the world’s oldest desert, which is estimated to be nearly 80 million years old. The name Namib itself translates as vast place, and this desolate landscape has some wondrous sights worth an exploration like the tall, red dunes of Sossusvlei. Dune 7, which rises to a height of 383 meters or 1256 feet, is the tallest of these sands dunes which owe their unique red color to iron ore deposits that have oxidized down the ages. Most visitors book an ATV tour to visit the area, though they also attempt a walk up Dune 45 that tops out at 80 meters (262feet) and offers glorious views in the early hours of the day. Another iconic attraction of the Namib Desert is its row of dead Acacia trees called ‘Deadvleis”. The shifting sands and undulating winds over the ages have transformed what was once fertile land to a barren marsh, and the Deadvleis or the twisted, gnarled ancient Acacia trees stand testament to this spectacle. The trees have not decayed thanks to dry, salty air, which has preserved them as is.

Explore the weird and wonderful Skeleton CoastSkeleton Coast NamibiaThe Atlantic Coast of Northern Namibia is a harsh, brutal land where the cold waters of the ocean crash into the sands of the Namib Desert. The bush people who roamed this area believed that this was a land that God created in anger because of its ferocious landscape. Shipwrecks litter the barren landscape, and the best way to view this treacherous topography is from the sky aboard a helicopter or a small plane.

Soak in celestial beauties at the NamibRand Nature Reserve

An IDA International Dark Sky Reserve is a public or private stretch of land that is renowned for its exceptional number of clear night skies that enables much nocturnal enjoyment. The NamibRand Nature Reserve, with its dry, desert air is one of the naturally dark places on Earth and provides a perfect setting for stargazing. Hence it has been included in the list of the eleven certified International Dark Sky Reserves. This reserve, which is a designated conservation area, has a night sky that is devoid of pollution and is so crystal clear that stars and other celestial bodies are easily visible. The best time to visit the reserve is during a new moon when the muted light of the sky seems to make the stars sparkle even more brightly.

Spot the Big Five at the Etosha Nature Reserve

Cheetah NamibiaNamibia is very serious about conservation, and this young country has taken a bold step and incorporated environmental protection into its constitution. More than forty percent of the country’s land is under conservation, and it is, for this reason, it has bountiful wildlife, including the world’s largest free-roaming cheetah population. Estimates state that about 20% of the world’s Cheetah population resides in Namibia. Like other places around the world, urbanization leads to conflict between humans and wildlife. Sometimes these big cats are killed or trapped when they encroach on farm land. So now, various organizations and groups endeavor to protect and relocate the Cheetahs instead of killing them.

The best place, however, to view these magnificent beasts is at the country’s best park, the Etosha National Park. The park stretches for miles and encompasses diverse landscapes while providing visitors ample opportunity to spot lots of wildlife including the big guns, the Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Leopard, and even the Lion if you are lucky. The park has several luxury lodges and chalets and even camping ground primarily located around the park’s watering hole, one of the best spots to sight the animals at dusk when many of them head there to quench their thirst.

Marvel at the setting sun at Fish Canyon

The Fish Canyon is another natural formation in southern Namibia worth seeing. This canyon is the largest in Africa and is the result of the meanderings of the Fish River. The Fish River Canyon is favored hiking spot though folks also head here to take in spectacular sunsets visible from its rim.

Admire the many Cultured of Namibia

Himba Woman NamibiaNamibia is home to eleven major ethnic groups that include several indigenous tribes. There are many different dress, language, art, music, sport, food and religions. One such group is the Himba. The Himba people have for centuries used red clay to anoint their bodies to protect their skin from the harsh African sun. As a result, their skin has taken on a red hue instantly noticeable, as the women of the tribe are bare-chested and only sport a covering of red clay on their bodies. There is so much to learn about these people who are proud of their diverse past but also embracing their unity as Namibians for their future economic growth.

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