Jamaica’s Warm Weather Makes It a Year-Round Destination for Travelers


Jamaica is a popular year-round destination because of its consistent warm weather. The temperature ranges from 72 degrees to 88 degrees all year. Because Jamaica has mountains, rainforests, and beaches, the weather can vary. Popular travel months are November and December. Peak season is from mid-December until April because travelers want to get away from the snow! As you consider a vacation to Jamaica-whether it is Kingston or Montego Bay-here are some more helpful facts about the weather conditions.

If you are traveling to Jamaica during the winter season, you will find the weather here similar to that of May in Northern Europe or the United States. Early mornings and nights are chilly. The winter season in Jamaica (from December to April) is considered to be the driest, but if you are visiting the mountain areas, it can be wet. In Northeastern Jamaica, you can expect showers.

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Jamaica experiences two rainy seasons. The first rainy season is during May, while the second rainy season is from October through November. The eastern edge of Jamaica’s North Coast receives the heaviest rainfall. The rainfall during this season can take place any time of the day, but it commonly rains in the late afternoon and early evening. Pack an umbrella when you visit Jamaica during these seasons.

Travel tips: Since Jamaica can get very hot in the summer, pack lightweight clothes, suntan lotion, and a sun hat. In milder weather, you may need longer sleeves or a lightweight jacket.

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