U.S. Virgin Islands – Exotic and Affordable Caribbean getaway!


Here’s one destination in the Caribbean where you would like to spend your winter vacation – U.S. Virgin Islands! If you still haven’t visited this scenic place and planning to do so then you are about to make a perfect choice for your vacation.

If you are an American citizen visiting this exotic and affordable Caribbean destination, then you needn’t worry at all! You won’t require a visa or have to carry your passport. You won’t have to pay roaming charges for using cellphone either. You stand to gain many benefits when travelling to the U.S. Virgin Islands from any of the cities in the United States. Whether it’s about paying fees for currency exchange or sales tax or even plug adapters – you won’t require any of these at all. The simple reason being that you are technically considered to be on American soil.

Let’s take a look at the important places you would be visiting in the U.S. Virgin Islands. These places are St. Thomas and St. John. Both the places have all the hallmarks of an exotic Caribbean getaway – be it swaying palm trees, balmy weather, gorgeous white beaches, rum-spiked drinks or unlimited water sports. Here’s an overview of all that a tourist or vacationer might look for when planning to spend holidays in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

How to Reach

American Airlines and Continental Airlines provide nonstop flights services to St. Thomas’ Cyril E. King Airport from New York City. US Airways also conduct nonstop flights from Philadelphia. Prominent cities such as Miami and Atlanta are also connected to St. Thomas with flights operated by American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. For reaching St. John you will be required to take a 20-minute ferry to Cruz Bay from Red Hook, in eastern St. Thomas. Both the places are accessible by ferry services.

Major Attractions and Activities

The U.S. Virgin Islands has some of the most popular beaches visited by tourists in large numbers during most parts of the year. Some of the famous beaches for ultimate relaxation and thrilling moments are Sapphire Beach, Lindquist Beach, Magens Bay, Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay. The Sapphire Beach, Lindquist Beach and Magens Bay are in St. Thomas, while Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay are in St. John.

Snorkeling is one of the best pastimes on both the islands as the waters around here are teeming with sea life. When snorkeling it seems as though you are touring a real-world aquarium. For the beginners, the Trunk Bay on St. John is the best place to start your snorkeling lessons. However, the diversity at Sapphire Beach is biggest attraction for seasoned snorkelers. The Waterlemon Cay atoll off St. John is also surrounded by multitudes of fish, nurse shark, and foot-long starfish. Reaching the Waterlemon Cay is though tedious. You will need to hike along the Leinster Bay trail and reach Leinster Point, on the island’s north shore. After reaching here you can now change into your suit and go snorkeling down few hundred feet below to Waterlemon.

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