Must-not-do list essential before you embark for vacation


A vacation or an adventure trip is something everyone loves. Before embarking on your holidays making a must-do list might also be a priority for you. But, do you know that making a must-not-do list is also necessary too. If you still haven’t done so before then here are some of the cultural norms and laws that you need to know beforehand in order to avoid landing into trouble in the destination you are planning to visit.

Avoid going in public wearing bathing suit only in Barcelona

There are two nude beaches in Barcelona. However, the laws in the city are quite stricter when it comes to exposing nudity. Whether you are in swim trunks or bikini, you must not venture in public at all wearing bathing suit only. The Spanish city treats it as illegal, and you might have to pay a fine when violating it. It will also attract looks from offended locals. Always remember to cover up properly before you decide to leave the beach, even though you are not in any nude beaches.

Don’t wear camouflage in Barbados

When you are vacationing in Barbados, make it a point to never wear a camouflage. It is strictly prohibited here as only the members of the military are permitted to do so. The government of Barbados had promulgated a ban in the 1980s for preventing gang members from robbing people or impersonating soldiers. Though this isn’t a problem these days but the offenders can be fined as the law still remains.

Kids in Airport

Carrying chewing gum to Singapore is illegal

Carrying chewing gum along with you from other country to Singapore is prohibited. The government of Singapore has made the import of chewing gum illegal since 1982 because of the extensive damage done to the public transit system. Before the ban was promulgated, the government had to spend millions of dollars for cleaning up the gum litter and damage. Those who are caught selling or importing chewing gum can be punished with a fine or even jail time. Some gum for “therapeutic” purposes are however permitted now.

Pigeon feeding in Venice is punishable

Tourists consider throwing birdseed in Venice's Piazza San Marco as an innocent pastime. However, the local government has banned the tourists from feeding the massive pigeon population in the city because of the constant damage being brought by them to the statues and also the need for regular cleanup. Those found feeding the pigeons can be punished with a fine.

Kissing and touching females forbidden in Dubai

If you are planning to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) along with your spouse or girlfriend, then you should be aware of the public decency laws prohibiting kissing and/or touching females publicly. The laws in the UAE are stricter than those in the Western countries. If you do so then you might have to pay hefty fines or even land up in jail.

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