Top 3 Asian Summer Vacation Destinations



As summer arrives and you're able to take more days off work, it's time to start thinking about where you'll go for vacation. There are so many great destinations throughout the world that picking one can be a challenge. This year, make your trip special by going somewhere out of the ordinary. Grab some cheap business class tickets to an exotic location on the other side of the globe.

1. Beijing, China
The Chinese capital is one of the largest cities in the world and it's home to fascinating marvels of the ancient and modern world. In this single city, you can explore imperial palaces and wander through ancient alleyways one day and explore ultra-modern buildings the next. Whether you love theatre, dining out, or exploring the city streets, Beijing has something to offer. Additionally, Beijing is only a short distance from Badaling, a section of the Great Wall where visitors can explore that world wonder.

If you're looking to experience a city that's like no other on the planet, grab a pair of cheap tickets to Beijing. You'll experience a culture that's unlike anything in the western world, plus get the chance to meet warm and friendly people. As you wander through the massive city, you can try delicious noodles from street vendors or grab some Peking duck at an elegant restaurant. Are you ready to take an adventure filled with palaces, temples, beautiful art and great cuisine? Start packing your bags, because thrills and excitement await you in Beijing!

Explore Beijing's Forbidden City.Explore Beijing's Forbidden City.

2. Seoul, Korea
Seoul, another large Asian capital, has a personality all its own. This metropolitan city is full of life and fun. Expansive markets full of shoppers and quiet pagoda parks await you in this beautiful city. According to Time magazine, there's a lot of imperial architecture to enjoy. Gyeongbok Palace, the former capitol, is a great place to go for those looking to get better insight into Korea's history. But there's also tons of modern attractions in this city now known for its cutting edge electronics and technology. Those who enjoy shopping will find lots of malls and shopping centers to explore.

Time also recommended visiting the neighborhood of Itaewon, located near the American army base. This neighborhood has many street markets where savvy shoppers can get a great deal on clothes, trinkets and other items. Be sure to haggle for the best deal! There are even a few fun nightclubs at which you can spend a fun evening with locals and other expats.

Business class tickets to Seoul are very affordable this time of year, so there's no excuse not to check out this awesome destination!

3. Ubud, Bali
You might not have heard of Ubud before, but it's a trip worth considering. Ubud is a town on the Indonesian island of Bali known for its culture and art. Once you get your cheap tickets to Bali, Ubud is just a short drive away! According to Lonely Planet, Ubud is the perfect combination of rainforest village and modern small town. You can enjoy a morning cappuccino in a cafe, then take a hike into the rainforest at midday. For anyone taking a jaunt around Bali and the other Indonesian islands, Ubud is the perfect place to spend a relaxing few days.

If you're getting tired of giant Asian cities, then Ubud is a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Anyone looking for a little spirituality will find peace and tranquility in this lazy town. Connect with nature and take some time for yourself. Your cheap tickets to Bali are waiting for you!

Relax in a rainforest getaway.Relax in a rainforest getaway.

Plan a tour of Asia
If you're looking to take a few months off, consider taking a tour of several Asian countries. Many nations have very few visa requirements, so you can hop from one to the other with ease. Consider starting in the north by taking a cheap flight to Beijing, then work your way down the coast to Korea, Hong Kong, and eventually down to Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. You'll see so many amazing cultures and sights you'll never want to return home!

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