Why a trip to the Mediterranean can’t be beat



A trip to the Mediterranean is hard to beat when it comes to world-class luxury, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine.

Between the famous Greek Islands, the allure of Tuscany and the style of the French Riviera, a Mediterranean vacation is all about luxury. Cities like Naples, Barcelona and Nice all offer fabulous amenities, night life and the chance to explore timeless cultures, while the beaches and sparkling blue water represent an opportunity to enjoy utter relaxation.

Whether you've been planning your get-away for years or you're about to hop on a last minute flight, there is a long list of reasons why a trip Mediterranean vacation simple can't be beat.

The sights
The epicenter of the Greek and Roman Empires, there are countless sites around the region that boast unbelievable intrigue, according to Explore the Med. Follow in the foot steps of the Great Odysseus and plan a trip around the Aegean sea, or relive the glory of Hannibal during a visit to the ruins of Carthage. With so many cities and spots to enjoy, a trip to the Mediterranean is a chance to become fully immersed in some of Western Civilization's most prized stories.

At the same time, there are places to visit in the area that offer unimaginable modernity and splendor. Monaco, a small country located on France's southern shore, is a delightfully decedent and magnificent place to visit. Valencia, located on the Spanish coastline, is home to impressive buildings devoted to arts and sciences alongside feudal castles from older chapters of history. Indeed the cities surrounding the Mediterranean are fantastic for taking in culture old and new.

Valencia, Spain has beautiful, modern sites to explore.Valencia, Spain has beautiful, modern sites to explore

The beach
With unbelievable weather and white, sandy beaches, a trip to the Mediterranean wouldn't be complete without spending a few days of fun in the sun. The Daily Mail reported that there are locations throughout the region that cater to all desires, from places to ride jet skis or go base jumping to private beaches that promote full relaxation.

Some areas such as the Turquoise Coast in Turkey or the shores of Sicily are less-traveled but undeniably beautiful. Other places in the Mediterranean boast world class beaches and fantastic nightlife. Saint Tropez in the French Riviera, for example, is among the most luxurious and desirable locations in the world when it comes to living large by the water. Between nightly parties hosted on yachts, oceanfront villas and the crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, spots like Saint Tropez or Sardinia, Italy or Santorini, Greece are among the most renowned and sumptuous places on earth.

The food
Partying and beach culture may not be on every traveler's itinerary, but one of the most undeniable allures of the Mediterranean is the culinary scene. Each country in the region offers a unique blend of fresh ingredients and simple, elegant flavors.

Spanish paella is a rich and intoxicating meal.Spanish paella is a rich and intoxicating meal


Barcelona, for example, is famous for the warming deliciousness of paella, a dish made of seafood and rice. In nearby Italy, meanwhile, there is a long list of foods that will make your mouth water. Delicate salads and rich pastas embody the spirit of Italian cooking. To the east, Greece offers visitors yet another opportunity to sample simple but wildly delicious foods, which can be enjoyed from a quaint seaside cafe.

In countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Israel, the flavors of the Middle East and Asia come together with the ease and elegance of Mediterranean style to create dishes that are beyond belief. Fresh, vibrant recipes are perfect for a light afternoon lunch, while savory dinners like shawarma or grilled kabobs are an excellent late night snack.

Of course a trip to the Mediterranean wouldn't be complete without sampling a few local wines. The salty air and dry conditions help an endless array of vineyards thrive, and the result is a regional culture that understands the value of a good bottle of wine.

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