Monthly Archives: November 2018

Traveling Around the World for Christmas

Fare Buzz can get you to unique places to enjoy Christmas! Christmas is a time where people celebrate traditions that are similar with others around the world. It is common to see decorated trees, gift-giving, and holiday dinners, but depending upon where you live, there might be an unexpected custom you may not have known!…
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Enjoy the Laid-back Vibe of Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most laid-back Caribbean islands. The island’s picturesque landscape of rolling mountains, lush rainforests, abundant white-sand beaches, and multi-hued coral reefs provide a backdrop for a rich history and culture. Americans in particular find that traveling to Jamaica is easy. Travel time is short - 1 and a half hours from…
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Plan Your Caribbean Getaway for Winter 2018-19

White-sand beaches, turquoise seas, stunning hotel properties, and vibrant local island culture, make the Caribbean islands a favorite winter destination. We are coming upon the best time to the visit the Caribbean! When you are cold and shivering up North from December to April, the islands have the best weather - warm and dry with…
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