Amsterdam, Dutch capital is truly a city of incredible wonders


Amsterdam is a city of unique distinctions. The Dutch capital is one of the most preferred tourist destinations within the country and Europe. Known for its colorful history, vibrant architecture, gorgeous canals, multihued tulips, and unmatched beauty the city is also home to spellbinding facts. Let us read below to find out the different side of the main city in The Netherlands.

The city is below sea level and may soon vanish
Touching down at The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport induces a sense of pride and pleasure among the travelers. However, what most of us are unaware about is the fact that the airport is actually below sea level! This airport is −4 meter or −13 feet below sea level. Watch out next time you hit the city premises. In fact, the whole city is 6.7 meters below sea level and may soon vanish into oblivion. Rising temperatures as a part of the global warming may cause the water levels to rise and engulf the city one day.

The city has more bikes than the people
If statistics are to be believed then the city of Amsterdam sports more than a million bikes. However, the strange fact is that the total number of people in the city consists of 700,000. This is interesting for a city as famous as this.

Amsterdam exceeds Venice in the number of canals
The Dutch capital is famous for its canals and the world believes it to stand second only to Venice in this matter. However, the shocking fact is that this city has more number of canals than the beautiful Italian city. There are over 165 canals adding to the glory and grace of this city, which is sometimes referred to as Venice of the North.

Amsterdam contributes to the beer-supplied the world over
The Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of beer. The country supplies twice as much beer than the United States each year and is fast expanding on this front. The city has an active role to play when it comes to the popular alcoholic drink. About 1.3 billion liters of this drink is exported every year to other parts of the world.

People of Amsterdam are the tallest!
While the world knows that Dutch are extremely smart and handsome, some are unaware that the people of this city are very tall. On an average, a Dutch man grows up to 184 cm in height while a Dutch female attains a height of approximately 170 cm.

Amsterdam consumes coffee in large numbers
The people of this city are passionate about their drinks irrespective of alcoholic or non-alcoholic in nature. The people here are believed to be the second largest consumers of coffee throughout the globe. As per the statistics, one resident drinks almost 140 liters of coffee in one year. This means that on an average a resident would gulp down a minimum of 3.2 cups of the brewing hot drink each day!

Amsterdam is the city of polyglots
Amsterdam is known as the city of polyglots. About 86 percent of the residents are fluent in more than two languages. While they take pride in their skills, they are also critical of the ones who do not speak proper Dutch.

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