New York City For The Night Bird


Does your day begin when the sun sets? If you are most active after the rest of the world has gone to sleep, New York City is the best place for your holidays. The City That Never Sleeps has lots to offer exclusively to night lovers; find out what you can do after sundown in this vibrant city.

Lights of New York From The Water
The waters of New York are often forgotten by tourists; but one of the best ways to capture the night sights of the city is from a night boat cruise. With a wide range of themes to select from like sunset cruises, musical cruises, dinner cruises and landmarks cruises; you can be sure of a lovely evening over the waters. See the glorious Statue of Liberty and the splendidly lit skyline of Manhattan along with other iconic sights of New York.

Glittering New York City Sights
The neon lights of Times Square sparkle like gems in the brilliantly lit backdrop of the bustling city scene; this is a sight that’s best at night. Visit Times Square at least once when you are in New York City to experience the true essence of this city.

Catch a show at Broadway; actually try for more than just one show. Yes, you have definitely seen the Lion King and other movies; but everything seems grander and much more fun here. Laugh at the Naked cowboy, shop at the Apple Store, Sephora, the American Eagle and Toys R Us or watch a stage performance; the frenzied atmosphere of Times Square will make sure there’s never a moment here when you will feel bored. In fact, just standing there and watching the world rush by is one of the most entertaining activities of the place.

Views From The Top
For amazing panoramic views of the city, climb to the top of the Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building. While the former has exciting activities and shorter queues, the Empire State building is a well known historic place that shouldn’t be missed when you are in NYC.

Walk In The Dark
Though not on everyone’s list of night activities, a walk in the park in clear weather can be extremely rejuvenating. And of course, in New York, “the park” can only mean the Central Park. Open till 1 AM, the Central Park has plenty of activities for walkers and nature lovers. Another option to walk is over the Brooklyn Bridge; walk or cycle over the resplendent bridge for a refreshing night experience.

Dine, Drink and Dance
It’s a sin to leave New York without enjoying its fabulous nightlife scene. With live shows, nightclubs, jazz, bars, lounges and comedy shows, the list just keeps going on. And when you think you’ve seen them all, a new place pops up and everyone wants to be there at once. Hunger pangs seem to be most active at night; catch some interesting eats at Sarge’s Delicatessen, the Blue Ribbon in Sullivan St or the Corner Bistro in West Village Stalwart. Check out the 40/40 Club, Grill and the BB King Blues club for exciting nightlife.

Bar hopping can be quite exhausting in NYC because there are so many options. For an interesting experience, drink in haunted pubs like the Pete’s Tavern or McSorley’s Old Ale House. Meet famous writers and authors; but don’t try to strike a conversation because, for all you know, they could have died long back.

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