Relish the vivacious and scrumptious street foods of Bangkok


Bangkok is famous for its vibrant culture and vivacious nightlife. However, the city also scores brownie points in terms of food. The capital city of Thailand sports numerous fine dining and posh restaurants. However, the real taste lies hidden in its streets. The city streets are lined with food stalls where vendors are busy preparing and selling delectable Thai snacks. The delicacies served under the open skies are scrumptious enough to give a tough battle to their counterparts served in swanky and air conditioned restaurants. One can easily find a variety of options to choose. The streets are full of different kinds of noodles, rice, soups, bean sprouts, shrimps, chicken, tofu, eggs, and fish. The people however, seem to be obsessed with noodles and it is amazing to know that it serves different and some unheard varieties of the popular snack.

Where to catch a popular Thai snack
Khao San Road in the Old City, Mahachai Road, Maha Chai Road, Chinatown, Yaowarat Road, and Thanon Phlapplaachai are hot destinations to head to in-order to satiate the hunger pangs. Thai people take pride in their mouth-watering munchies and head to these places for an evening feast with their friends, family, and loved ones!


Most famous delicacies
No other city can Bangkok when it comes to the types and varieties of noodles. Though the streets have an assortment to offer yet some of the most famous noodles include:

    • Gieow: It is a dish prepared with wonton noodles and it consists of boiled and minced pork, which is then wrapped in yellow dough.
    • Woon Sen: These glass noodles are very wiry and thin. These are made of soya bean flour and are relished widely across the city.
    • Bah Mii: This is yet another variety of noodles. These are prepared with wheat flour and eggs and are yellow in color and appearance. Locals seem to be in love with this street food offering.
    • Sen Lek: These noodles are prepared with rice flour. These are flat in appearance and medium in size and look similar to pad thai.
    • Sen Mii: These noodles are small and wiry made of rice flour. These are also popular across the city.
    • Sen Yai: These noodles are also made of rice flour. However, they are flat yet wide in appearance and are commonly enjoyed along the streets of Bangkok.

Je Ngor’s Kitchen is another hotsopt
This is one of the most popular spots in the city, which undoubtedly serves yummylicious noodles. It specializes in offering noodle mixed with prawns, and tomalley or prawn liver. This dish is topped with garlic, chili, and water mimosa to spice up the flavor. The locals are in love with this dish and keep coming back for more.

Leng Kee specializes in unique mee phat krachet
This place is located close to the Rama IV Road and is thronged by noodle lovers from different parts of the city. The highlight of Leng Kee is in various varieties of fried noodles served here, which also includes the renowned mee phat krachet. They offer noodles prepared with marinated chicken/pork/beef, chili, and water mimosa. These noodles are relatively spicy and loved by the locals who at times wait in endless queues only to relish their favorite dish.

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