See Berlin With Your Legs


The first thing that strikes every new visitor to Berlin is how incredibly big the city is. With so much history, culture, shopping and modern attractions to take in, the idea of seeing Berlin with your legs may seem daunting, even laughable. But lots of visitors who've attempted this journey swear it's the best way to discover this huge city.

Walking or biking is the cheapest way to explore the various attractions the city has to offer.

You wouldn't have to wait in traffic or figure out where to park your vehicle each time you travel. Berlin claims to have installed the first traffic lights in Europe; the vehicle rush here has been heavy even decades back. Berlin also has the cute Ampelmannchen, the little traffic light man who shows the green light to pedestrians. Do you need any other excuse to walk in this city?

By taking a walking tour, you would actually be experiencing the place instead of just viewing attractions from inside a car. In Berlin, this fact is all the more important because the city is filled with history.

You can take breaks or stop wherever you want for a drink or eat or just to get to know the locals better.

One cannot walk across the breadth of Berlin to see its important sights; but there are several companies offering themed walking tours that allow tourists to experience different aspects of the city by foot. This is a great way to get oriented with the city.

Join a walking tour and select your theme. Ranging from historic Berlin to a tour of breweries, every kind of tourist interest is fulfilled in these tours. If you happen to be here before Christmas, try a Christmas Markets tour for a rich cultural experience.

Walking tours in Berlin cover a wide range of places.

If you want an orientation tour of Berlin, take the 4 hour "Discover Berlin" tour offered by Berlin Walks where you can truly discover the various fragments that have made Berlin what it is today. Starting from the early history of Berlin through the Nazi rule till what Berlin is today, this tour is both in-depth and informative.

History buffs will love the Third Reich Berlin Tour, the Cold War Tour and the walking tour that will introduce you to Jewish Life in Berlin. While all these seem like the typical tourist routine, actually being there to see Hitler’s bunker, hear about the topography of terror or witness the story of Jewish struggle in takes you a century back to the time all this happened.

If you do want a tour that takes you away from the regular tourist beat, try the Hidden Berlin Walking Tour that takes you to lesser known attractions in this vast city.

For other options, check out the Potsdam Walking Tour that takes you to explore the city of Emperors or the Dresden Tours with its museums and City center. The Alternative Tour of Berlin is yet another lovely walk that shows you the artistic and multi-cultural face of Berlin.

Yes! Berlin is unbelievably vast; but these walking tours that make you see the city with your legs are sure to be your best experience here.
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