Stay in touch at 4000 feet with Emirates Airline


Emirates Airline by far is technologically the most abreast airline globally. The airline has made it easier for the passengers to stay in touch with their friends, family, and colleagues when they fly with them. They can now benefit from services like free Wi-Fi, in-seat phone, roaming services of cell and data to stay connected. Enjoy the services offered on flight.

Free Wi-Fi in the sky
Now Emirates is offering free in-flight Wi-Fi on most of its A380 aircrafts, means that now you can tweet, post, or let that avid blogger in you stay active right from your seat when flying. The airline is offering 10MB of data for free. Passengers requiring more data can purchase 500MB data for just $1. Only three of its A380s do not free Wi-Fi service, however you can purchase 500MB for $1 data and stay connected.

Use Mobile
Passengers can use their mobiles during their flight, just like they would do on the ground. The airline had made this facility available in more than 300 flights it operates on a daily basis. At present only select A380s have this service, however it plans to extend the same on its other aircrafts too.

In-seat telephone, SMS and email
Now you can be in touch with your near and dear ones no matter where you are. The airline has made available the facility of in-seat satellite phone and on screen SMS/email services. Using the in-seat satellite phone service you can even speak to another emirates passenger flying elsewhere.

Minute to minute update
Passengers will now be able to track the progress of their flight using emirates’ moving map channel, Airshow. Using the external camera feature they will also be able to enjoy panoramic view. They can even read about the airline, Emirates Skywards and see regularly refreshed live BBC text news headlines, during the flight.

So when you fly next time with Emirates leave all your worries behind as you will definitely not miss a thing while flying.

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