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Warren, Thank you tremendously for all of your wonderful assistance with scheduling this flight; you were patient, thorough, kind, knowledgeable, professional and timely. This flight is for my brother in Florida, who recently lost his wife (quite unexpectedly); he sends his sincere appreciation as well.
- Debra Coleman

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Best Travel Apps

Business travelers frequently flying out of their cities to destinations across the globe, need to remain connected and sort their travel itineraries. These travelers often lack the luxury of time to plan their travel in an elaborate manner. As such, an assortment of travel apps comes handy. These easily available apps can be downloaded on various devices. An app is nothing but a convenient mode to save time and money on the go. Whether it is about last minute bookings, flight schedules, seat placement, connectivity, navigating through a new city, or finding the weather details, the app markets are loaded with some of the most innovative and novel creations. Stay tuned for latest updates in the world of Travel Apps.

The market is overflowing with these tiny but helpful inventions, let us look at our top picks.


This app helps organize travel details in one place. Normally during a trip, one has to run through a bundle of sheets to figure out individual details about the flight, hotel, etc. but with TripIt all, the crucial information can be assembled in one place. All that needs to be done is to forward details to to create a smooth itinerary. In return, the app helps a traveler with additional information on weather, maps, driving and directions. This information can also be shared with family, friends, and fellow workers anytime.


This is another valuable app for the travelers. It helps them connect with the seating plan on their flights. In fact, by using this app, a traveler would know which seat to pre-book and which to avoid. It is most helpful in a situation where a traveler reaches the airport without being allotted a seat or the last minute decision by the carrier to switch the aircraft. The Seat Map Advice section allows a traveler to quickly punch in the flight number and pull out the seat map on that particular flight.

WhatsApp Messenger

One of the most popular apps in recent times, it has paved its way into the Smartphones of travelers worldwide. This app is for the ones who are into texting and find no time to call. It is essential because it does not charge a penny for the endless number of photos, texts, and audio notes exchanged. You may travel to any city across the Atlantic, this messenger helps you establish connectivity back home without adding a burden to your expenses. Of late, this messenger even allows you to exchange voice messages.


Viber is a popular app across the world. It is popular not only in the United States but in places throughout the world. It is helpful for those who wish to remain connected to their family, friends, or work mates throughout their trip. Two devices that are equipped with this app can connect to each other and allow people to exchange text messages and free calls. It uses the contact list from a person’s phone to determine who you can reach out to immediately!

Google Maps

This app comes handy not only to travelers, but also to commoners in day-to-day life. It helps a traveler navigate way in an unknown city. It is useful in locating shopping destinations, grocery stores, restaurants, business centers, gas stations, hospitals et al. One can team it with Google Earth for an overhead satellite view of that particular area.


This app compiles comprehensive information about a particular airport. All that a traveler needs to do is punch in the airport and terminal details and it will pop details about the eating joints, stores, and services located within the vicinity. It also displays travelers’ ratings and deals if any that exist.

Time Out

This one is a worthy app for all the travelers visiting a new city. It comprises comprehensive information about a particular city. Whether it is London, New York, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, or Melbourne this app can information about the nightclubs, entertainment, shopping, or eating joints in a simple click. The app is smart, gauges your locations, and pops up with the places of interest close by.


This app is one that is sure to save the time and energy of travelers in a new city. Apart from sightseeing there are many different ways to explore the city and this app lets you do just that. You can find an exciting and amusing to do in the city. All that a user needs to do is to punch in the city name and the app will pull out the current time and a drop down box. One needs to select an option from the list of exciting bunch of alternatives to go out and indulge.

Zagat to go

This is one of the best apps to locate eating joints close to your location in a new city. Whether you are in New York, Tokyo, or Paris find a restaurant close to your location. Find the top rated restaurants in the city and relish a meal from an assortment of cuisines offered in a variety of places. Zagat is unique from its counterparts as it features offline browsing. It means you can search for a restaurant even when your internet connection is down!

Google Translate

This is one of the most valuable travel apps from the house of tech giant Google. Google Translate is a multilingual translator that helps translate written text from one language to the other. One can use its extensive collection of 60 languages to convert text, handwriting, voice, or OCR. This app with its diverse input methods and advantageous offline support comes handy for travelers to cities where regional languages are preferred over the universally accepted English.


Travel to a new city can be a bit easy if one is aware of its weather conditions. AccuWeather is an app that helps you update your knowledge about the weather conditions of a city that you are traveling to in the future. This app distinguishes itself for allowing you to add multiple locations. Which means you can check the forecast of both your departure city and arrival city in one go!

XE Currency

After arriving in a new city, it is difficult to gauge through the amount of pesos, rupees, or euros to be withdrawn from the nearby ATM. It is then that the XE Currency comes to a traveler’s rescue. This app helps convert the dollars into the required currency using real-time exchange rates.

Google Goggles

This is a refreshing app from the Tech King Google Inc. It lets you click the picture of a building in that relatively unknown neighborhood and piles you with relevant information about it.


This is truly a wonder app that helps book home like accommodation anywhere. After all, it connects the traveler to real people who have a place to rent out! This tiny yet powerful app helps you search, compare, and book properties all over the world. You may travel to any country, and this app will let you find a lodging place in over 192 countries and 34, 183 cities available in the night. Now booking a castle in Europe, a hut in the far away island or an old palatial building elsewhere is not just a dream but a reality!