Monthly Archives: January 2016

Must Visit inspiring art Hotels to Recharge Creative Batteries

You might have visited hotels which offer stellar mini bars, complimentary Wi-Fi in lounges and rooms, and latest technological upgrades. But, do you find all these exciting or inspiring. I think they don’t. Then, what after all the hotel of your dreams should be that you will find inspiring. Art hotels might just be the…
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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Travel to Cuba

Cuba is one of those exotic locations that everyone should travel to at least once. With the changes in Cuban regulations,  flights to this foreign country  will soon be available for Americans to visit. We highlighted some of the special attractions that Cuba has to offer, from enjoying the fresh mojitos to adoring the surf…
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The Transformer Seat that Converts Economy to Business Class

Now, a newly proposed design for airline seating would let an airline transform the economy seats into a plush and comfortable business class seat with a side couch. The seat and side couch can be later converted to form a private bed. The design is created by James S.H. Lee who is the CEO of…
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