The Transformer Seat that Converts Economy to Business Class


Now, a newly proposed design for airline seating would let an airline transform the economy seats into a plush and comfortable business class seat with a side couch. The seat and side couch can be later converted to form a private bed.

The design is created by James S.H. Lee who is the CEO of Paperclip, an industrial design firm. Fabled as The Butterfly Seating Solution, the design gives the airline to adjust the configuration of the cabin to efficiently use the cabin space. The Butterfly design has won the esteemed Crystal Cabin Award. It also attained the top position at the International Air Transport Association’s Passenger Innovation Awards championship.

The staggered seat design wherein inboard seat is positioned at a slight diagonal angle in front of the aisle seat provides for two seats in premium-economy. The armrest width is up to 21 inches allowing the passengers to use both the armrests comfortably. The reclined seat pitch in premium economy is 44 inches which usually ranges between 37 and 42 inches. The premium economy seat also features seat pockets on the side, large cocktail trays and an adjustable ottoman.

The Butterfly can be used as a single-passenger business class seat with a private bed. Double the space of premium economy and direct aisle access are the added advantages. The adjacent seat can be flipped down to form a flat surface. The passenger will have a private suite with a seat and side couch. When the business class passenger wants to take a siesta, the aisle seat can be folded over to form a 77 inches long and 44 inches wide bed which is the largest in the industry. The seat has a 44 inch pitch. The middle armrest which is also a storage compartment becomes locked when the seat transforms into a bed. It allows the passengers to store their valuable items while they rest.

Any airline or seat manufacturer has not acquired the seat design but considering its practical advantage, the Butterfly may as well revolutionize the aviation industry.

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