The Luxurious and Affordable Business Class Travel


The frequent fliers especially on long-haul flights tend to choose business class. The benefits for the elite passengers offered in business class are worth spending your hard-earned money. Gone are the days when business class seats were highly expensive. One can find affordable business class deals with ultimate comfort. There are many exclusive privileges for business class travel that lure more and more passengers to fly in the cabin.

Check-in Privileges
Even before the flight takes off, the premium passengers start availing their benefits at the airport. They check-in separately, they are seated sooner than economy passengers and they get to wait in luxurious lounges while enjoying complimentary Wi-Fi and hot meals in many airport business lounges. The lounges also offer shower rooms, sleeping rooms and private eating space.

Business-friendly Facilities
The businessmen who travel for their meetings, conferences or business deals cannot affords to waste their precious time on long haul flights. Hence, many airlines now offer exclusive facilities for the passengers including USB ports, power chargers on each seat, satellite phones and in-flight Wi-Fi to connect their personal smart phones or tablets.

Comfortable Seating
The business class seats are extremely comfortable and not as expensive as first class. This class is perfect for anyone who likes to travel in comfort. Most of the airlines have started offering lie-flat seats with 180 degrees recline. Some of them offer Sky Sofas, Cocoon style seats or Executive pods which offer privacy as well as more space for passengers. The airlines also ensure that passengers get direct aisle access and have spacious legroom. The seats also feature massage functions and retractable tray tables for laptops. The storage is ample too with exclusive pockets for tablets, laptops and knick knacks.

Better Dining Options
Most of the airlines are focusing on the dining options that they give to the premium passengers. Top airlines offer food from Michelin starred restaurants or on-board chefs who prepare menu according to the passengers’ choice. The elite travelers also get to choose the food before boarding the flight with pre-order menu on few of the airlines’ websites.

In-Flight Entertainment
The airlines are incorporating the latest technologies in the flight for better customer experience. From 18-inch touch screens to dual screens with gaming and 100 hours of the latest video content, the airlines ensure that the travelers do not get bored during the flights. Some even offer gate to gate entertainment options.

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