Airlines are now offering Healthier Food Options for Travelers


At 40,000 feet in the air, the dining options are pretty limited if you are not flying first class or business class. Earlier, the food served was high on calories when the passengers could not even walk it off while traveling. However, the airlines are improving their food menu and adding more low on calorie food items as per a public health expert in New York.

This assessment was done by a public health expert who had been studying airline food trends for the past fifteen years. The expert ranked the food of several airlines including Virgin America, Delta, JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines, Frontier and Spirit Airlines. As per the analysis the biggest growth was seen by Delta Airlines, which jumped to first position sharing screen space with Virgin America, from its 8th position last year. Delta’s jump has created a stir in the market, ensuring that other carriers also follow this trend soon.

Virgin America topped the list as it has replaced the high on calorie granolas with Autumn Veggie Wraps and Salmon Soy Ginger Salad.

Delta Airlines has improved markedly as the airline offers Luvo packaged food items including vegetable and hummus wraps for lunch and supper while hard-boiled eggs and fruits are available for breakfast.

According to an expert nutritionist, Hawaiian Airlines scored the lowest as its average meal has 1056 calories which is more than double the calories on Virgin America meals. Upon asked for a comment, the airline stated that it offers local Hawaiian cuisine specially made for visitors.

The expert also ranked Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant Air in the lower ranks for limited food options with high calorie intake.

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