What type of Business Traveler are you?


Business travel is growing by leaps and bounds. The Global Business Travel Association in 2016 stated that on average Americans make 1.3 million domestic business trips every day. Another think tank reports that business travelers add 38000 journeys to the daily global travel total. It further adds that 99.5% business travelers claim that they look forward to their trips with 90% getting excited by the prospect of corporate travel while as many as 75% business travelers treat work trips as an adventure.


While these figures seem unusually upbeat, there are bound to be business travelers who regard their travel as a chore amongst other complaints and gripes. So which type of business traveler are you? One who hates it or who goes with the flow or revels in the opportunity to scoot around the country, if not the world?

The type A

This business traveler always has a carry-on packed. Need someone to fly to another city to close a deal? Make an immediate sale, to take control of a team? Type A is packed and ready and can take off in a jiffy. The passport is ready, the visa is obtained, and Type A also knows the airport 101 drill or how to enter and exit an airport speedily.

The Happy Go Lucky

Did someone mention a business trip? No matter what the company only allows for flight bookings in coach and the assigned hotel is a Hampton Inn. Happy Go Lucky is ecstatic at leaving the office and the city. Once at the airport Happy will use all charm and wiles to try and snag an upgrade or then at least lounge access to enhance the enjoyment of the trip.


The Unflappable

Business travel, like all types of travel subject to vagaries of nature and the whims of the gods of travel but whereas someone else may have a meltdown, the unflappable is cool as a cucumber. Long delays at the airport, security line hold-ups, hostile overhead bin hogging co-passengers, messed up hotel bookings, hired-car breakdowns, the unflappable takes it in his/her stride.

The Worrywart

The Worrywart is a worrier by nature, and this behavior extends to business trips as well. Will I make my flight? Will I manage to get an aisle seat on the plane? Is my carry-on too heavy? Will the flight take off; will it get to my destination? Worrywart can't help but worry about these and other nitty-gritties.


The Mile-Hungry

The Mile-Hungry is another one who celebrates the opportunity for a business trip. Mile-Hungry expenses all business spend on a personal card and puts in a claim it immediately after the trip but racks up a truckload of miles for future leisure trips with friends and family.

Mr/ Ms Last Minute

This type of business traveler is always rushing that’s because he/she waits until the very last minute to prepare for his/her business travel. He/she is probably working until the nth minute, then rushes to gather some stuff together and races to the airport to make his/her flight. Anyone else would be run ragged with all this frenzied activity but not this traveler who thrives on the adrenalin.

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