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Warren, Thank you tremendously for all of your wonderful assistance with scheduling this flight; you were patient, thorough, kind, knowledgeable, professional and timely. This flight is for my brother in Florida, who recently lost his wife (quite unexpectedly); he sends his sincere appreciation as well.
- Debra Coleman

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Airline Travel Agents

In recent years the proliferation of online travel aggregators like Kayak, Expedia,  Travelocity and others have often led people to remark that that the role of airline travel agent is obsolete. The people who believe this theory use these online agencies exclusively for all their travel needs. However more often than not air travel itineraries especially in the case of long haul, transcontinental journeys tend to be complicated as they usually involve layovers and connections and for such type of journeys online agencies are not very effective. Further if you make a booking with one of these agencies and then need to alter  or cancel your booking it can cause   a whole lot of headaches as many of these agencies maintain only an online presence and don’t offer ‘live’ help at all. It is for this reason that many folk still prefer to deal with human airline travel agents rather than online aggregators.

Moreover air travel agents often have well developed relationships with various airlines and they thus have access to a plethora of discounted fares which are not usually offered to anybody and everybody. These relationships are often nurtured over the years and prove especially useful when a client is looking for a discounted business or first class fare.

Business travelers typically travel in the premium cabins of airline and if they work in tandem with a dedicated corporate travel agent they can be assured of the ‘best’ business class fares for all their various journeys. These business class deals often help to stretch a company’s annual travel budget a long way especially if the company requires its executives to undertake business trips to various global destinations regularly for these business trips are usually carried out in the premium cabins of airlines.

Rather than trawling the World Wide Web on their own, most corporate travel departments tend to work with a few dedicated travel suppliers who aim to cater to their unique needs and preferences. By working with a few choice travel agents, these corporate travel departments believe they can manage their company travel costs more effectively as they are almost always guaranteed the most affordable business air and hotel deals by these travel suppliers in exchange for directing regular business toward them.

The New York City based travel supplier, Fare Buzz is one such travel supplier which is favored by many corporate travel departments.  Fare Buzz  in fact  offers all the services which are usually associated with a travel agent and depending whether you need a flight, hotel, car rental or vacation package booked, Fare Buzz can do it all at rates which are generally much more affordable than other travel channels. In addition  Fare Buzz has an exclusive relationship with over sixty domestic and international air carriers and  through this exclusive relationship it is able to procure cheap business class air fares to nearly every global destination.

Satisfied clients affirm that you can actually expect to have savings of nearly 70% when you book your company’s business travel through Fare Buzz instead of regular channels. Moreover the attractive premium class fares offered by Fare Buzz come loaded with all the perks that are normally associated with regular business class tickets like mileage accrual, pre-assigned seats and refundable, changeable fares. These invaluable amenities are not usually offered by online travel providers and thus they help to further strengthen the case for ‘live’ travel agents.

Additionally  the customer service team at Fare Buzz which is made up of knowledgeable and experienced personnel is on hand all seven days of the week  to help clients find most cost effective travel packages for all their journeys . So if you need to travel sometime soon, don't wait any longer but pick up the phone and  call Fare Buzz at 1-800-847-1963 to score the ‘best’ travel deals today.