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1. Low Consolidator Coach Fares:

  • We have Consolidator Air Contracts with over 60 airlines to most worldwide destinations. We also have consolidator fares within the US on some Domestic Airlines.
  • Consolidator Fares are generally 40-60 % below retails prices.
  • Most Consolidator Fares accrue miles and are changeable and refundable with a fee.

2. Exclusive Business & First Class Fares:

  • We have exclusive rates for Business & First Class on most major Airlines.
  • Our Business & First class fares are 40-60% below retail prices.
  • Business & First Class fares are available for Europe, Asia, Central & South America, Australia, Africa & Middle East, within the Us and Canada.
  • Most Business & First Class fares are changeable and refundable.
  • All Business & First class fares accrue mileage, can have pre-assigned seats and are changeable and refundable with a fee.
  • Most Business & First Class fares do not require any advance purchase or minimum stay and can be issued as Electronic Tickets.
  • Most Importantly – for "Corporate Travelers" we have Signature Fares, which are specially negotiated Business & First class fares which are fully refundable and changeable without a fee.

Note: For Business & First Class fares, it is advisable that you call and speak to one of our Travel Specialists so that they can work out the best possible fare for you.

3. Last Minute Domestic Specials

4. Round the World Fares and Multi City Trips:

  • Our Travel Specialist can work out Round the World fares and complex itineraries within a few minutes.
  • We can offer you either a net rate for commissionable fare for such itineraries.

5. High Commission on Published Fares:
In this Zero Commission age Fare buzz continues to offer High Commissions on International Published fares on most major airlines.

  • We offer high commission on most international published fares throughout the year
  • Commissions offered are on most major airlines and in most classes of service
  • No penalties except for those imposed by the airline.
  • No fee for ticketing

6. Net rates for Overseas Origination:
Fare Buzz is one of the very few Consolidators to offer Net Rates and commissionable fares originating outside the United States.