4 unique family vacation destinations to visit this summer



There are many great family vacation destinations vying for your dollars this time of year and while attractions like Disney and Universal may be exciting, they also get extremely crowded this time of year. While you may have bursts of fun, much of your time at those places will be spent standing in line under the hot sun. Avoid the crowds by going somewhere else that's equally fun. Additionally, the places below will offer many more opportunities to spend quality time with your children. Check them out!

1. Martha's Vineyard
This quaint spot in Massachusetts is a relaxing place to spend time with the people you love. The weather is beautiful in the summertime and there's a great mixture of activities and peaceful rest areas. Check out the Camp Meeting Association for a tour through an idyllic little neighborhood complete with colorful houses and historic sites. According to the official website, the neighborhood has been around since it was founded in 1835. The community holds regular events such as parades, so there's always something to enjoy. When you're ready for some sun, head to one of the local beaches to take a dip in the Atlantic. But do you know the best part of this trip? Airline tickets to Martha's Vineyard are still very affordable this time of year! You'll have a lot of your budget left to spend on fun activities.

2. Grand Canyon
This destination might seem a little antiquated, but it's still an amazing place to take your family. The gorgeous sights are enough to enthrall anyone, even if they typically spend their time playing the latest videogames. One look at the canyon is enough to make you appreciate the grandeur and majesty of nature. It's a great place to visit if you're looking to get outdoors and get some exercise with your family. Plus, you can stay in one of the lodges or hotels near the rim, so you can wake up and have a cup of coffee at the edge of the canyon.

The Grand Canyon is a classic family vacation destination.                                   The Grand Canyon is a classic family vacation destination.

Consider grabbing some cheap tickets to Phoenix or Las Vegas - they are your best options for getting to the Canyon by air. From either of those airports you can rent a car and take a short family road trip to the canyon.

3. Honolulu
Island getaways are an exciting way to spend a week during the summer. Honolulu has everything you need, from gorgeous beaches, water parks and sprawling shopping centers. Grab some cheap tickets to Honolulu and start packing for your Pacific family vacation! When you're there, the kids can enjoy the pool while you and your spouse relax at the spa. In the evening, head into downtown Honolulu for a great seafood dinner and little shopping.

Whether it's collecting seashells at the beach, going for a hike or doing some water sports, there's always something to do in Honolulu! You'll make memories that last a lifetime.

4. Washington D.C.
Take your family to see the buildings and monuments of Washington D.C. this summer. It's fun way to learn our nation's history first-hand. Start with the presidential monuments and wander through Arlington National Cemetery to pay respects to our troops. Additionally, you can spend whole days in the various Smithsonian museums. There's something for everyone! Check out the Air and Space museum for a look at NASA's journey into the stars. Visit the Natural History Museum for in-depth tour of planet's formation. Head to the National Museum of American History to see famous objects like Dorothy's ruby red slippers and one of Thomas Edison's first light bulbs.

There's a lot to see in our nation's capital.                                    There's a lot to see in our nation's capital.

Airline tickets to Washington D.C. are very affordable this time of year, so now's your chance to experience our nation's culture and history up close and personally.

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