Hacks for the minimalist flyer [Infographics]


FareBuzz Minimalist Flyer Infographics - Traveling light takes weight off your back, carrying only the necessities in backpack, makes you stress free.

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Traveling light takes more than the weight off your back - it can free up your mental space as well. When you’re only carrying the necessities, you don’t have to stress out about all the possessions you’re lugging around. If you follow the tips below, you’ll be free to explore your destination with less stress.


  1. Pick Your Bag Carefully
  • For true minimalist travel, your carry-on should be a backpack. Consider bags with a capacity between 40 and 55 liters.
  • Pare down your packing list until everything fits snuggly in this pack. If it all doesn’t fit, it’s time to cut down the list even further!


  1. Choose Your Electronics
  • Your tech should be lightweight, portable and above all, useful. Must-have’s include a compact laptop, smartphone, a folding charger and a compact USB battery.


  1. Select Your Wardrobe
  • No matter how long your trip is, don’t pack more than a week’s worth of clothes. Invest in a few no-iron shirts so you can fold them up as tightly as possible.


  1. Vacuum Seal Your Clothes
  • Looking for a little extra room in your carry-on? Grab a few roll-up vacuum bags. Just place your folded clothes inside, roll the air out, and you’re good to go!


  1. Learn to Love Paperbacks
  • Only travel with an e-reader if you absolutely have the room, and you know you’ll be doing tons of reading. Otherwise, buy a paperback at the airport and give it away when you’re finished.


  1. Energize the Right Way
  • Protein bars are great for travel. They’re small and they’ll keep you energized.


  1. Buy Your Toiletries
  • Bringing liquids on the plane will only slow you down. Buy your toothpaste, soap and shaving cream at your destination.


  1. Ditch the Cash
  • Cash is bulky and impossible to replace if it gets stolen. Bring one debit card and one credit card with you.
  • Tell your bank ahead of time if you’re leaving the country. You don’t want to get locked out of your accounts!


  1. Don’t Neglect Your Safety
  • Traveling light doesn’t mean forgoing safety items. Bring a lock for your bag, a whistle for your safety and a secure pouch for your passport.


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