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Planning a trip to Copenhagen? Should you visit during the fun-filled summer when the days are long or will a Christmas holiday in December be better with plenty of festive fun and merrymaking? No matter when you plan to visit the city, it’s fun and welcoming. Here is a calendar of what you can expect in Copenhagen when you go there.

If you are here for New Year's Eve, enjoy the celebration at Amalienborg, the royal Palace. After the Queen's speech in the evening, there's lot of festive fun and when the City Hall clock strikes midnight, it's time for fireworks.

For the first time, the Tivoli Gardens and ten of its restaurants will be open to usher in New Year 2013. Enjoy the magically lit gardens when you wait for the new dawn of a year.

Like in Jan, the days in Feb are likely to be short and cold. But while the Vinterjazz Festival starting on Feb 1st will shake you up, the Copenhagen Fashion Festival from 30th Jan to Feb 3rd with its crazy sale, concerts and events will make "fairytale-land" seem an understatement to describe the city. Be here for this fest and the Wondercool, a month-long festival celebrating winter and you'll never notice the cold and the dark.

March is when the winter marches out and excitement springs in.21st March 2013 marks the reopening of Bakken, the world's oldest amusement park to visitors after winter. Enjoy the rides, restaurants and views at this 400 year old theme park or if you feel you're too old for rides, take in the wicked cabaret scene. The Copenhagen Puppet Festival from 20th to 24th March is another family entertainer that shouldn't be missed.

Starting from 11th April, the Tivoli Gardens is thrown open to tourists who want to enjoy the wonderful spring and summer of Copenhagen. With live music, fun rides, games, green space and lakes, this garden is not just for kids. 2013's April will see the introduction of three new rides in Tivoli; all the more reason for you to visit.

"May I extend my stay?" Most hoteliers are badgered by this question in May. The free flowing beer at the Copenhagen Beer Festival, the merry parade and colorful ambience of the Carnival and the lively spirit of the Copenhagen Marathon makes this city a terrific place to visit in May. Another interesting event is the Copenhagen Ink Festival from 9th to 11th May.

June 1st marks the beginning of the opening of Copenhagen Harbor Swimming Pools for the public. Watch the Esrum Abbey's Medieval Markets where knights fight tournaments while jesters keep everyone entertained. Don’t miss the Roskilde Festival, North Europe's biggest music extravaganza, from 29th June till 7th July.

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival with its exciting line-up of artists performing in venues all over the city makes July an exciting time to visit Copenhagen. Weather-wise too, the days are long and warm without being too hot; ideal for an outdoor holiday. If Classical Music is your choice, you can have it at the Copenhagen Summer Festival where chamber music takes the stage. Don’t miss the free concerts.

Locals and tourists swear that August is the best time to visit the city. The fine weather and the excitement of festivals like the Copenhagen Pride, Copenhagen Opera Festival and the Cultural Harbor Festival make August in Copenhagen magical. If you love vintage, be there in time for the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix and enjoy the road show of classic vehicles. August is also the month when the Mermaid statue's birthday is celebrated and when the famous Copenhagen Cooking event takes place.

While the Golden Days Festival looks back at Copenhagen's history, the Kopenhagen Contemporary sees the celebration of current trends in the city's galleries and the Designer Forum held in September every year takes a look at the future trend of designer wear. September is also the time for the Copenhagen Blues Festival and Film Festival.

If you want to explore Copenhagen's culture, make sure you are in this city for the Kulturnatten when all the galleries, museums and even the Rosenborg Palace celebrate the vibrant culture of the city with performances, music, plenty of food and free public transport. Celebrate Halloween in Tivoli and enjoy the fine weather of autumn in this grand park.

Christmas season starts in November and the Tivoli Gardens hosts its annual Christmas markets in this month. The city gets ready for Christmas with plenty of indoor activities in museums and shops. Don’t miss the Christmas Parade through the city center in the last week of November.

Christmas lights, concerts, plays, markets in Tivoli Gardens and New Year celebrations at the city centre make Christmas in Copenhagen a merry experience. Though the weather can be cold and dark, the festivities offer warmth and lighten up the mood.

No matter when you're planning to visit Copenhagen, you'll find something happening to add value to your holidays.

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