Tips on how to make your business trips exciting and fun


Many travelers rue the fact that business trips often turn out to be more and more work, instead of leisure, particularly when visiting overseas. This can however turn out to be exciting and a great fun. Though it solely depends on you how the business trip is actually handled.

What does one do when embarking on a business trip? The very thought of endless business meetings and constant stay in hotel rooms may make you tizzy. But did you ever know that this might even become glamorous as well. Make your boredom that your business trip might entail just go away by simply adding a side trip to your itinerary. This is enough to break the monotony and turn your business trip into holiday travel magic.

Here is how you can add more fun and pleasure to your business trip. There are many travelers who go for business meetings to destinations like Shanghai, Dubai, Delhi, Toronto or Santiago. Apart from your usual business activities here, you can simply enjoy your stay in these destinations as well.

If your company has asked you to go to meet a business client in Shanghai, here is how you should take advantage of your stay here. Consider extending your stay by a few days and think of visiting the futuristic Oriental Pearl Tower and ancient water town of Zhujiajiao. Both of them are quite remarkable and wonderful to visit. The 1,536 feet high Oriental Pearl Tower is China’s second and world’s sixth tallest TV and Radio tower. The unique architectural design makes it one of the most stunning places to visit. It offers a great photographic opportunity with the imagery of the Yangpu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge resembling to be twin dragons playing with pearls.

What if you are on a business trip to Dubai? How to make it exciting and fun is the foremost question that might appear in your mind. After putting off your business meetings behind, consider staying in Dubai for a few days more and visit the nearby Sultanate of Oman. Here you can enjoy spectacular views of wadis (oasis), mountain ranges and sand dunes. The Bedouin dwellings of nomadic tribes and date plantations are also equally pleasing to see. If you have decided to extend your stay by three days, then don’t forget to see the copper dunes of Wahiba Sands and the beautiful fishing villages in Oman.

When planning a business trip to India’s famed capital Delhi, you should better think of extending your stay for few days more and visit the nearby Agra, the fabled “City of Taj Mahal”. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this white marble mausoleum was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate the memory of his wife Begum Mumtaz Mahal. This alluring one of the seven wonders of world attracts millions of tourists from around the world every year. You can also spend your night in the renowned luxury hotel in Agra – The Oberoi Amarvilas. Here you can experience Indian hospitality, opulence and grandeur at its best while simultaneously enjoying fascinating views of the Taj Mahal.

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