How to turn your business trip to Buenos Aires into a mini-vacation


Your next business trip doesn't have to be all work and no play. In fact, with the right mindset, you can use your business trips to have a mini-vacation. In the travel industry, it's called "bleisure," combining business calls with a little R&R. According to The Chicago Tribune, more people are taking bleisure trips than ever.

If you're heading to Buenos Aires for business, be sure to take some time for fun as well. Keep reading to find out how:

Plan well
The key to a successful bleisure trip is to plan well ahead of time. After you grab those cheap tickets to Buenos Aires, it's time to schedule your meetings so you have some time to see the sights before heading home. There are two main ways to do this - you can adjust your schedule so you have late afternoons and evenings free for exploration, or you can schedule your meetings on Thursday and Friday, then spend the weekend relaxing before heading home Sunday night.

If you're giving a presentation, finalize it before you get on the airplane. This way you can rest on the flight down to Buenos Aires and hit the ground running. You'll be prepared for your business calls and won't have to stress about finishing your work before meeting with your contacts in the city.

Buenos Aires is the perfect place for a little bleisure.Buenos Aires is the perfect place for a little bleisure.

Choose your hotel wisely
Picking a hotel in a great location is key to maximizing the amount of leisure time you have on your trip. In Buenos Aires, choosing a hotel in the Palermo neighborhood will give you easy access to a number of great museums, plus you'll only be a short drive from ocean. If you want to spend your off hours relaxing in the park, consider staying in the Villa del Parque district. For visits to the theatre or tours of some of the city's best cathedral architecture, you'll want to stay in the Centro district, where you'll also have access to some of Buenos Aires's best restaurants.

Take a day trip
If you have an entire free day, you may want to take a little side adventure to get away from work. There are few great places to visit that near Buenos Aires, such as Colonia Sacramento, a quaint town just over the border in Uruguay. Travel + Leisure Magazine reported that you can rent a golf cart - so long as you have your U.S. driver's license - and take a spin around town.

Another great day trip is the Estancia Villa María. You can explore the grounds of this mansion on horseback and have picnic under the brilliant blue sky. Chances are you'll entirely forget that you're actually on a business trip.

Buenos Aires has tons to offer visitors, so you won't have to worry about fun and interesting ways to spend your free time. Find a few hours to sneak away from work and explore this amazing South American city!

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