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Exciting river adventures during Caribbean sojourn

by amit.uniyal 16. November 2015 01:03

The Caribbean has some of the gorgeous beaches. But have you ever had a magical experience by spending an entire day on a river. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s about time to get your Caribbean vacations plan ready by now and enjoy whitewater rafting or get pleasant experience of floating down a lazy river on a bamboo raft or tube. Here are some of the places in the Caribbean such as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Jamaica, where you will find river tourism flourishing.

River Adventure colorado With Fare Buzz


Trinidad is among the best places in the Caribbean to get a thrilling experience on a boat ride along the Caroni River to the Caroni Swamp. As the boat motors along the narrow channel you will catch a glimpse of a variety of wildlife and birds. The highlight of boat ride would be however before the settling in of evening when the boat passes by at the edge of a large lake. You will be amazed to see Trinidad’s national bird, the beautiful Scarlet Ibis, on a tiny tree-covered islet visible at a distance from the lake. It’s quite fascinating to see the Ibis settle in the branches and seems as though red flowers have bloomed in the branches of the islet’s trees.

Puerto Rico

A river excursion in Puerto Rico is quite an amazing experience. Seek the services of a tour operator to enjoy a completely different kind of body rafting as you free-float downstream with soaring canyon walls on both sides. The tour includes body rafting down the Tanama River, rappelling, spelunking through caves, and rock climbing. A fantastic experience awaits you in Puerto Rico!

Dominican Republic

A rafting trip on Yaque del Norte River, in the Jarabacoa region, in the center of the Dominican Republic, is what is most sought after by all those seeking an adrenaline rush. Exciting white water conditions exist at the Yaque del Norte River, which also has class II, III and IV rapids as well. The “Tyson Rapid” is the high point with a knockout 12-foot vertical drop. You can also consider tubing excursion along the gentler stretches of the Yaque del Norte River.


Kayaking down the Martha Brae River is a great way to have immense fun in Jamaica. It’s though quite challenging indeed. Trelawny Parish in Jamaica’s tourism hub Montego Bay is the best place to book an excursion on the Martha Brae River. Here you will also come across many tour operators offering river adventure options such as tubing, kayaking and bamboo rafting. Whenever in Jamaica, don’t miss out on exciting river adventures.

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Unlimited fun and excitement galore at Gold Coast Theme Parks!

by amit.uniyal 6. November 2015 00:58

Gold Coast, one of the premier holiday destinations in Australia’s Queensland province, is renowned for its sun kissed beaches, year round wonderful weather, vibrant nightlife, fantastic shopping options and excellent surfing opportunities. Apart from these, Gold Coast is also famous for its theme parks. If you are visiting Australia along with your family and kids, and want to have unlimited fun during vacations, then the theme parks at Gold Coast are surely the best bet to keep you all engaged throughout your holidays. Here are some of the famous theme parks you should consider visiting.

Theme Park With Fare Buzz


Dreamworld is hugely popular with the families. You are assured a fun day out with your family at one of the Gold Coast’s most famous attractions. The theme park is quite expansive spanning in an area of 30 hectares. Get ready to immerse in oodles of fun with a wide range of thrill rides, games and amusement rides. Keep yourself engaged all day by enjoying delectable cuisines at restaurants or chill out at ice cream parlors and cafes. You can also indulge in shopping at gift shops and arcades. The fun at DreamWorld doesn’t end here. You will get opportunity to enjoy the world’s fastest and tallest thrill ride at The Big 9 Thrill Rides. Among other prominent attractions here include the 9 storey high, 64km per hour, 360 degree spinning of The Claw, the 38 storey free fall of the Giant Drop, the Tower of Terror 2, ABC Kids World, Wiggles World, DreamWorld Corroboree, and the Tiger Island.

Sea World Water Park

Do you want to experience the most amazing marine life in Australia? Then the Sea World Water Park is the best place for you to visit now. You will get unique opportunity here to get up close and personal with dolphins, seals, polar bears, and even sharks. This is the best place for an educational yet fun day out with your entire family. The Planet SOS is the latest addition here. This unique 4D animation presentation illustrates the plight of the ever changing environments of our planet. Another exciting experience awaits you at an amazing man-made lagoon system – the Shark Bay – where you will get a chance to see some of the most feared shark species in the world. The Cartoon Network Cartoon Beach is yet another prominent attraction here that will keep your kids endlessly glued with a wide range of attractions, amusements and rides.

Warner Brothers Movie World

The Warner Brothers Movie World has gained reputation as Hollywood on the Gold Coast. This is the place where you can bring the excitement and magic of the movies to your life. A wide range of thrill rides are there to provide you endless joys. Whether you want to cool off on the heart pounding Wild West falls, get your heart racing on the looping Lethal Weapon, go from 0 to 100 km per hour in two seconds flat on the Superman Escape, brave the spine-tingling fun of the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster or take the pace down a notch with the DreamWorks Shrek 45 Adventure – all these exhilarating and nerve-wrecking moments await you at the fabulous Warner Brothers Movie World theme park.

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Rejuvenate yourself at some best Ayurvedic resorts in India

by amit.uniyal 5. November 2015 01:14

In today’s extremely busy lifestyle, there’s a growing urge among the people for escape from mundane activities of daily life towards ultimate solitude. And, there’s nothing better than to rejuvenate and reinvigorate yourself to once again face the challenges in days ahead. The flourishing Ayurvedic resorts and rejuvenation centers are the best thing where you can search for that elusive ‘slice of life’ that you have been desperately looking for. So, why not plan an indulgent holiday for yourself and discover the ‘healthier’ side of life by visiting some of the best Ayurvedic resorts in India!

Enjoy Ayurvedic resorts With Fare Buzz

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, Kerala

The scenic town of Palakkad in South Indian State of Kerala, where you will get mesmerized with the unmatched beauty of the Western Ghats and the diverse flora, is home to the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, where the healing is based on traditional oil massages. The resort, designed to be the first of its kind in the world, believes in the motto of “Return to Nature” by combining a healthy well being with a unique living experience. The visitors are provided treatment for various kinds of ailments/diseases such as nervous debility, obesity, slip disk and spondylitis, hypertension, sinusitis and migraine, infertility, facial paralysis, hetraplegia, paraplegia, skin diseases, bronchial diseases, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis and many more. Special health and beauty care packages are also offered here.

Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre, Goa

Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre is located on Divar Island, just 10 km away from Goa’s capital city Panaji. Spread in an area of 5 acre amidst swaying palm trees, the Centre offers 60 luxurious rooms resembling truw Goan style cottages. A range of Ayurvedic Panchakarma and Wellness treatment programs are offered to the visitors for rejuvenation of their body, mind and soul. The Panchakarma and Wellness packages include healing music, a properly balanced diet, meditation and yoga. Nature cure therapies are also provided at Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre. These include Massage Therapy, Mud Therapy and Hydro Therapy. The packages under Massage Therapy include Oil Massage (pure oil is used), and Vibro Massage (This is a dry massage in which mild talcum powder is applied on the body by machine for reducing friction). Other massages include Under Water Massage, Ice Massage and Partial Massage.

The Leela’s ESPA Spa, Udaipur

The Leela’s ESPA Spa is situated in The Leela Palace at Lake Pichola in Udaipur. It is yet another hotspot for Ayurvedic retreat in the famed city of palaces and lakes. This is the best place in the Desert State of Rajasthan to rejuvenate your body and mind in the royalty-like, opulent ‘haveli’ style tents and spas amidst the welcoming gardens. The visitors here can look forward to meditation, yoga, facials and hot stone massages.

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Reasons to upgrade your flights to business class

by amit.uniyal 3. November 2015 05:07

Flying in business class is a luxurious and awesome experience. People don’t mind spending more for the ultimate luxury 30,000 feet above in the air. You need to spend more than what you would usually pay when travelling in economy class or premium economy. But the privileges you get after spending a good amount is unlimited. Let’s have a look into some of the important reasons why the modern day travellers prefer their air travel in business class airlines.

Business Class Travel With Fare Buzz

The prime reason is the luxury and comfort. Nobody wants to reach his/her destination tired and wearisome. Here comes in the business class. It offers you the much needed comfort and relaxation during the entire duration of your journey. When travelling in business class flights you can stretch your leg with the extra legroom on offer. There are many airlines that have introduced lie flat bed in business class cabins. These airlines include American Airlines, Qatar Airways, Qantas Airways, Air France, British Airways and many more.

You can look forward to privacy as well when travelling in Qantas Airways’ business class cabins. The airline’s business class seats are situated inside a little pod, which effectively blocks other passenger’s view sitting next to you or the one seated across the aisle. It thus offers you the privacy. Moreover, the extra-comfy mattress and blanket provided in the cabins offers you a relaxed sleep.

The business class passengers are taken care of well with the several amenities offered by the airlines. Have you ever fancied to a welcome drink as you arrive on board your flight? Of course, this is a reality in business class. Get ready to be treated to a welcome glass of champagne on board the aircraft. The airlines take care of your basic needs. You will be offered designer amenity kits consisting of skincare and other products from reputed luxury brands. The products among others includes, a dental care kit, moisturiser, hand cream, lip balm, ear plugs, eye mask, socks, perfume and deodorants. The airlines will also treat you to gourmet meals, fine wines and beverages.

These are among the several reasons that prompt people to book business class tickets or get their economy class or premium economy upgraded to business class.

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