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Swiss Air Lines business class seats, comfort at its best

by Richa 19. August 2013 07:03
Business class seats is one domain that has led to a different kind of a fight altogether. Many airlines are competing with each other to leave an impression on the minds of their customers. In a bid to churn out the best of comforts to their travelers, airlines are going out of their ways. The rat race in the domain has reached an interesting phase. The fight to please the business class customers has reached a new high. The skies are full of tales from exciting battles be it in Europe or the United States.

Swiss Air Lines has come out as a new player in this warzone. It recently unveiled the new look of its business class seats. Creating a flutter in the market, the airline has given reasons for comparisons with other premier carriers like the Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and British Airways. The airline has gone a step ahead of its competitors on A340 and A330-300 series by offering aisle access to all its premium passengers.

The seats are very comfortable and well thought-out. The built-in power outlet offer different plug-in formats. The small compartment to stock shoes and the countertop to stack things adds a touch of privacy to the whole experience. The seats are 78.7inch in length and 20.5 inches in width in lie-flat position, enough for one to rest peacefully. The blond wood and cross-stitched upholstery accentuates the feeling of flying the grand style. The cushion can be inflated or deflated as per your personal liking. Overall flying business class on Swiss Air Lines tickets is a delightful experience!

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Fare Buzz Launches Vacation Rentals

by margaret 12. January 2012 05:35

Fare Buzz has recently launched a vacation rental option in a move to set the company apart from other online travel companies. It also looks to improve the company’s revenue within a crowded travel industry.                       

“We at Fare Buzz are willfully increasing our non-air business,” said Arnold Walter, President and CEO of Fare Buzz. “There’s no doubt the sale of discounted tickets is our forte, but we are enthusiastic towards the sale of car rentals, hotel bookings, vacation packages and now vacation rentals.”

A recent survey from eMarketer predicts “there will be 117.6 million online travel researchers (61 percent of internet users) and 98.3 million online travel bookers (51 percent of internet users) in the U.S. by 2012.” Millions of Americans spend close to 60 percent of their total vacation cost on accommodations. Fare Buzz now aims to bring alternative options to these travelers, with something that’s both cost effective and brings all the comforts of home.

“Vacation rental bookings have seen a phenomenal growth of 73 percent in 2011 compared to 2010, and the revenues have also increased by 11 percent,” said Walter. “Keeping those metrics in mind, Fare Buzz started its vacation rental section, as there is a lot of pie to target.”

The new vacation rental feature offers roughly 30 locations to rent from within North America. Unlike other vacation rental websites, Fare Buzz allows the customer to book directly through the website. This new option will give Fare Buzz customers the opportunity to try something new, and for the company to receive feedback regarding travel preferences. Vacation rentals can be found at

About Fare Buzz:

Started in 1994 in New York City, Fare Buzz is one of the leading travel providers in the industry. The company has created affiliations with vendors of various travel products. Due to Fare Buzz’ buying power, the company is able to negotiate aggressive deals on air, hotels, car rentals and now vacation rentals to pass the savings on to the consumer.

In addition, Fare Buzz also specializes in discounted business class fares and offers an attractive rewards program for customers. For additional information, please contact Margaret Yekulis at

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Business Class of Srilankan Airlines

by 12. May 2010 08:55

Srilankan Airlines, the name itself is associated with comfort and immaculate warmth, in the world as the crew members shower you with personal attention throughout the flight. Travelling Business Class with it can be an exceptional experience and will remain with you even after your journey ends.

Special class
The passengers can chill out in their own comfort zone through the flight hours. The seats are structured in a way to be adjusted in the different sitting posture which can sprawl as per your requirement. The seats are either aisle or window seat with a personal lamp for you to read.

Workplace on the flight
The airline offers you different kind of facilities to be availed by its passengers. There is a benefit of free calling to any seat within the aircraft. You can also make calls through a ‘Satcom’, a satellite telephone service to any part of the world. This advantage can be gained by swiping your credit card. One can also send fax and charge your laptop on board.

Indefinite period of fun
If you want to pass your time you have to choose from the wide variety of the source of enjoyment. You can watch a lot of movies including the silent classic movies as well. You can listen to the radio as there are lots of channels on board. There is an arrangement of an entertainment guide who can guide you while choosing the entertainment option.

Electronic Games
A330 and A340 aircrafts of the Srilankan Airlines gives you an option to play video games which is available in a variety to choose from. You can make your selection amongst the wide range of games like Galaktor, Tetrix, Magama Zone and Busy Bee.

Tickle your Palette
The food on the flight is readied by chefs who are proficient in cookery. The outstanding alternative of both East and West cuisines can give you a tough time to have your pick. There is also a wide range of cocktails, wines and champagne to opt for, including a list of beverages like tea and coffee.

Air show on the flight
The travelers sitting on the plane have an access to see the movement of the aircraft with the facility of ‘Air show’. The passenger can view the sights captured by the camera which is placed below the plane. The moving map can enable you to watch everything with ‘pilot’s eye view.

For more information and reservations please call Fare Buzz at 1-800-847-1963 or Click here to submit a Quote Request.

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South African Airways - Experience the Best Business Class

by Stewart 23. September 2009 17:43

Passengers traveling South African Airways Business Class can enjoy the comfort of

A 180-degree lie-flat bed seats.
Fully adjustable six position headrest.
Private television with large 8.6" screen.
Sony p@ssport* audio-video-on-demand.
Large pillows for a great night's rest.
Gourmet meals with a large variety of fine wines and champagnes.
Special amenity kit packed with toiletries.
Set of three individual and adjustable reading lights.

To enjoy the lowest available business class fares of South African Airways, call 1-888-808-4123 or email

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