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The Social Traveler

by margaret 15. July 2011 09:43

Once upon a time, when a relative or family friend would go on vacation, there was the dreaded slideshow. You know, that old machine that projected images on the wall while you sat there for hours listening to their boring vacation stories. Thankfully, we’ve gotten far away from that! Now all you have to do is upload your photos on Facebook for your friends and family to see what you did while you were on vacation. But for the intrepid traveler in all of us, there’s more out there than just uploading pictures to Facebook. What about sharing tips of where to go, where to eat, what to see? What about sharing travel itineraries with friends and colleagues? Thankfully, as social media continues to grow, so do the sites made available for sharing your travel tips with not just friends and family, but the world.


One of my favorites that I discovered at NYxSW earlier this year is called Gtrot. One of my favorite aspects is the ability to track every country and city in the world you’ve been to, so you can show off your travel portfolio to friends and connections. But besides that, Gtrot allows you to add and share information about upcoming and past trips, and by connecting through your Facebook account, allows you to tag your friends in trips as well. This helps by allowing you to share travel information between one another prior to your trip. After taking your trip, you can leave tips about where you’ve been to share with friends and family. This way, if anyone asks you what you suggest they do on their next trip abroad, you can point them to your previous trips on Gtrot for all the little details!

My Travel Portfolio: Clearly I need to see more of Asia… Australia, Africa and South America!


Dopplr is another great tool when it comes to social traveling, allowing you to share tips with everyone on the site. Let’s say you’re taking a trip for the first time to Rome. You know what the guide book tells you, but what little places did other people find when they went there? Where do people who frequently travel to Rome suggest going for a nice dinner out?

Once you’ve taken that amazing vacation of yours, you can start uploading information to share with others. You can share photos through your Flickr account, check off suggested items that you did or places you stayed and even participate in a Q&A, giving others suggestions on things they’re looking to do for their upcoming trip.
After a recent trip to Liverpool, I shared my thoughts on places to explore for others looking to visit the area


Sure, sending mom a postcard of your travels is nice. But don’t you think she’d love to get a postcard of you on your travels? Instagram has become one of the most popular photo sharing apps out there, and now you can take those photos (as well as iPhone and Facebook photos) and turn them into a postcard. For only 99c, the cost of maybe four, let’s face it, dated postcards, you can send a personalized Postagram home to the family so they can see what YOU have been up to on your vacation.

Stay Connected as You Travel the World

As social media continues to grow, more and more sites will continue to pop up allowing you to share your travel information with friends and family. Which site is your favorite to share travel information on? Are you devoted to Facebook, or have you branched out to share in other ways? Share your favorites in the comments below and keep reading our blog for more exciting ways to stay social while traveling!

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Family Travel Doesn't Have To Be Impossible

by margaret 14. July 2011 10:21

For a lot of young couples, there’s nothing better than traveling the world together and exploring new places. But as soon as you have kids, your exciting travel life has to take a back seat… or does it? Most people think that having kids means an end to traveling all together, but with the right preparation, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Tips on Traveling with Kids

The most stressful part of traveling with kids is probably the whole idea of the travel itself. Going through airport security with small children is no walk in the park, so know what you’re getting into before you go. They may be kids, but they have to go through security just like the rest of us, so make sure your child is dressed accordingly (i.e.: shoes that are easy to take on and off!). Many aircrafts will have plenty of room for your stroller, so there’s no need to check it in with your luggage. Keep it with you and check it in when you get to the gate. This way you’ll have it as soon as you exit the plane. And don’t forget, if your child is old enough for you to pay for their own seat, they’re old enough for a frequent flier card.

Family Travel Network’s Managing Editor Nancy Schretter suggests traveling at an off peak time, like in the middle of the week at an earlier flight time. Schretter also suggests trying “to drive (or undertake travel of any kind) when your child is scheduled to sleep.” This way their internal clock knows it’s time to nap, and you (hopefully) won’t be the center of attention as the parent with the screaming child on the plane!

Where to Go?

A vacation with your kids doesn’t have to mean Disneyworld or a trip to your local amusement park. A lot of vacations most would associate with couples are now turning into family travel. Many all-inclusive resorts and cruises have become family specific, offering activities for the whole family, just your kids and of course just the parents. In fact, certain resorts in Jamaica even include a vacation nanny!

Of course family time is always important while on vacation. Don’t shy away from big cities because of the crowds. Many museums in cities like Washington DC and New York offer free admission for kids as well as interactive elements to keep them entertained. A lot of monuments also offer free or low admission costs for kids. Make sure to get there early though to beat the crowds, leaving you plenty of time to give your little one a history lesson!

Travel Friendly Families 

Traveling with small children can take some getting used to and extra preparation, but it can be a fun getaway for the whole family when done right. And besides, the more you travel with your kids, the more they’ll become expert travelers!


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Business Travel Made Easy – And Comfortable!

by margaret 13. July 2011 10:46

Traveling for business can be an exciting experience. You get to actually meet face to face with clients, start racking up frequent flier miles and maybe have just a little bit of time to take in a new city. But once you start traveling for business on a regular basis, things can start to get a bit uncomfortable as you squeeze yourself and your laptop into another Economy seat. But traveling for business doesn’t have to be all that bad. Many airlines are adding more services and features now to accommodate the business traveler, Wi-Fi included!

Travel In Comfort

There’s a reason Business Class is called, well, Business Class. While flying Economy or Coach may be cheaper, booking a ticket in the Business Class section gives you all the tools necessary that business travelers today need. A Business Class ticket isn’t just your ticket to a more comfortable seat and a better in-flight beverage service, the extra space comes in handy when you have to get your laptop out on a long flight to get some last minute work done. You’ve done that in Economy, and you know how crowded it gets! Many airlines also offer power outlets, so you no longer have to fight with everyone at the gate trying to get that last little charge on their iPhone or Blackberry. 

Connecting In Air

Of course, while some business travelers can write up reports or crunch numbers in the air, we could all get a lot more done these days (for our business and personal lives) if we were connected while flying. Luckily, companies like Gogo Inflight are available to offer wireless services to airline passengers. Gogo Inflight’s wireless internet services are available through several airlines, including all B767-200 flights on American Airlines, all flights through Delta and all flights on Virgin America. For frequent travelers on the go (ie: you, the Business Traveler), the company offers monthly unlimited service at $39.95. The downside? You now have no excuse for not replying to all those emails!

Cathay Pacific New Business Class Seat
More space makes frequent business traveling much more enjoyable! 
Photo By: Luke Lai (Creative Commons)

While you may have to pay more for these luxuries, in the end, it’s the little things that make a difference and help you out with your busy life. Economy is great to get where you need to go and First Class is great for some in-flight pampering, but Business Class is where you need to be when your next stop is the board room.

How much would you be able to accomplish by booking a flight in Business Class? What’s your favorite thing about the Business Class section? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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