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Favorite Haunts in Atlanta

by Richa G 26. October 2012 07:05

So you’ve seen the splendid city life and the even more spectacular nightlife of Atlanta and you think you know everything there is to know about this city. But no! There is another side to Atlanta that just shouldn’t be missed if you want to see the entire picture; the afterlife. Explore Atlanta’s haunted sites and understand their history through weeping ghosts, phantom soldiers and lingering souls.

Atlanta even has tours covering the dark side of the city. So if you believe in the hereafter, if ghost stories give you a thrill and if your idea of fun is a night in a spooky mansion, these tours are for you. Of course, if you are a non-believer, it’s all the more reason for you to take these tours.

  Southern Ghosts_3943c
A Tour of Southern Ghost
Photo by hoyasmeg, on Flickr

There are many tours like the “Tour of Southern Ghosts” in Stone Mountain, the Roswell Ghost Tour, Ghost Tour Trolleys in Lawrenceville, Norcross Ghost Tours and the Scary Etta Tour in Marietta. While some of these tours sound too fancy to be anything more than a tourist adventure, there are other tours where real experiences are spoken about, where even non-believers are made to accept that there is something happening and where the stories are so spooky that you will lose your sleep.

So where are Atlanta’s ghosts?

  • The Oakland Cemetery with its centuries-long history is said to be a favorite haunt for spirits. Since this is a place where many celebrities were buried, a visit here may give you a chance to meet one of them.
  • Visit St James Episcopal Cemetery; a place where several paranormal sightings have been reported. Among these is the statue of Mary Meinert whose eyes are said to bleed tears. Whether they bleed or not, just seeing those eyes in the dark can be quite scary.
  • When your tour takes you to Masquerade, a historic dance club, it’s not to let you dance to rock; this popular hangout is believed to be haunted! Once a mill where several tragic accidents had happened, this place is said to be alive with ghosts!
  • The Bulloch Hall and the Spooky house in Roswell don’t seem like just tourist gimmicks. If you want creepy, try these places.
  • The Anthony restaurant in Buckhead is yet another favorite haunted mansion in Atlanta; the previous owner of this house, Annabelle makes sudden appearances to see her property. If you think this is normal, maybe you should consider the fact that she is dead.
  • The Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park seems to be a great place for having fun; maybe this is why it is favored by phantom singers and ghosts of young girls too.

These are just a few haunted attractions to see in Atlanta. Book your haunted walk or segway tour in advance and reach the starting point on time to enjoy your tour. Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes, torches, enough water and cameras. These tours may seem scary especially when you think you may be walking with the walking dead; but don’t jump out of your skin each time you meet someone weird. He or she could after all be your tour guide dressed that way to boost your spirits.

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