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Passionate About Pets in Miami

by Richa G 20. November 2012 02:29

Petrified about taking your pet along for your holiday? Traveling with a pet is almost always stressful; your four-legged friends need more space, fresh air and comfortable surroundings wherever you go and you can't expect pet comforts everywhere. Miami, however, is one place where you can always expect a warm welcome for your pet and excellent service. In fact, don't be surprised (or jealous) if your pet gets better treatment than you do.

From pet massages to chef specials for pets, Miami's hotels and restaurants are doing all they can to get barks of appreciation. While "pet-friendly" can describe any hotel that allows pets to check-in with owners, there are places in Miami that go beyond just friendly with customized services for pets. Since most people in Miami are dog-crazy anyway, the warmth your pet gets is usually genuine. So what makes this city a paradise for travelers with pets? Find out.

Pet from the Jet
Concourses D, E and J in Miami International airport have pet relief areas with real grass patches, lava rocks and a bright fire hydrant. Convenient waste disposal stations make your travel easier.

Bed For The Pet
The Kimpton Epic Hotel, Loews and the Mandarin Oriental are tail-wagging friendly with pets and go all out with welcome gifts, separate doggy beds, leash, grooming arrangements and personal care. Pet sitting services, walking services and even a Doggie Boot Camp make sure your pet's holiday is even better than yours. The Mandarin Oriental also offers an exclusive pet-butler; so maybe you just have to worry about how to get your pet back home after the holidays. Another option is Grove Isle Hotel where you can treat your pet to a paw massage and let him free in the spacious balconies that come with your room or the 18 acres of waling space right outside your hotel.

Dine With Your Canine
In Miami you don't have to go searching for restaurants that allow pets; most places do. But what you can search for is special restaurants that pamper your pet while you also enjoy a decent meal. At China Grill, you can let your pup loose in the play area or patio and order from a doggie menu. Or take her to the Meat Market, the Nexxt Cafe or Michael's Genuine Food & Drink where they can have a share from your plate as well as Chef specials baked especially for them.

Sights To Sniff
Miami has dog-friendly beaches where you can take your dog on a leash. The leash makes the place safe for other visitors as well as your pet. However, in parks like the Haulover Beach Park and the Flamingo Bark Park, you can let your pet off-leash and let him free to have his kind of fun. The ample green space and amenities provided in these parks are sure to make your pet's holiday a very happy one.

The Market With Your Pet
When in Miami, don't miss the Dog Bar, a lovely store that specializes in products for dogs and cats; ranging from cute apparel, handy gear to aromatherapy and styling, the shop has plenty for your loved pets. Most shops in Miami are pet-friendly. The Lincoln Road shops and the Village of Merrick Park are perfect spots for an evening out with your dog.

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