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Turkish Airlines to stop serving wines on domestic business class

by Richa G 12. February 2013 09:10

Turkish Airlines recently announced it has decided to stop serving wines and other alcoholic beverages on its business class flights on most domestic routes.

The airline in a statement said that it will not serve alcoholic beverages to customers booking business class tickets and traveling to most domestic destinations. The airline, however, said that six specific destinations would be exempted from this.

A spokesperson of Turkish Airlines said that the decision to stop alcohols being served in its business class cabins on several domestic routes is because of the extremely low demand.

The spokesperson disclosed that before making this decision, the airline had already surveyed the food choices of its customers last year and concluded that the demand for alcohols was abysmally low.

The airline stated that except on flights to Istanbul, Dalaman, Izmir,Antalya, Bodrum and Ankara, the alcoholic drinks would be removed from the menu. 

Currently, the customers traveling in Economy Class and Business Class are being served alcoholic drinks on several international routes except those flying via some Arab countries and Iran due to low demand.

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