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LCCs continue to grow and expand in Asia

by Richa G 26. March 2013 06:55

Travelers to Asian cities can expect more cheap flights offerings by various low-cost carriers or LCCs that are increasingly trying to make a dent in the Asian airspace.

Media reports recently quoted a travel expert as saying that low-cost carriers have only made a slight entry into Asia and are yet to harness the potential fully. In the same vein the travel expert was quoted as saying that LCCs need to do even more on this count.

The travel expert was further quoted by media reports as saying that LCCs in Europe like easyJet and Ryanair and also in the United States have already achieved a remarkable success and continues to prove this with even more successes.

According to the travel expert, the success of the LCCs in the final analysis depends on the low airport fees for significant period of time.

The travel expert also said that LCCs are not new to Asia and they had been operating in Asian cities for many years now.

Media reports also indicated that LCCs are a permanent fixture and are flourishing in the Asian markets.

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