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Asiana Airlines flight from Shanghai delayed due to oil leakage

by Richa G 16. July 2013 06:40

An Asiana Airlines flight scheduled to depart from Shanghai for Seoul on Thursday was temporarily suspended. Local media reports suggest that the Airbus A330 plane was delayed due to oil leakage. The airline had oil leaking as it was on taxiing along the runway and preparing for takeoff.

According to a customer service agent at Pudong airport, Shanghai’s international entry point, said that been delayed indefinitely. The airline was scheduled to leave the city around midday.

A spokeswoman at Asiana declined to comment on the matter stating that she was unaware about the report and the matter was being investigated. Simultaneously officials at the airport started a separate inquiry into the case.

According to The Sina news site the leak appeared close to the landing gear causing the engine to shut down. The aircraft had to be pulled back to the gate.

Asiana Airlines is one of the two major airlines operating in South Korea and many passengers flying abroad book airline tickets with it.

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