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The tale of bad seats and chocolate upgrade at Copenhagen Airport

by Richa 21. October 2013 07:12

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be dumped in a bad seat on a plane? Of course, the most apparent reaction would be a gloomy and long face, cursing the airline for its choice. The pain of traveling on a not-so-comfortable seat causes anxiety and dismay. But not anymore! Travelers in Copenhagen can now get a Chocolate Upgrade in return for a so-called bad seat.

This is indeed a sweet gesture by Chocolatier Anthon Berg who in association with SeatGuru has come up with a novel idea to cheer the grim faces at the Copenhagen Airport. This scheme is called as Generous Upgrader. For sure, it cannot spell magic and promote you to a business or first class but the least it can do is cheer you with some free chocolates. 

At the airport, passengers traveling to various destinations across the globe can simply walk into a pink kiosk, to scant their boarding cards. In a few moments, it grades your seat based on the SeatGuru database and allots one of the listed grades to your seat. Well the catch lies in the grades. Seats that score a good grade are rewarded with a few chocolates. Bad seats get a little better share than their good counterparts do. However, the stars here are the passengers whose seats have been graded in the lowest category. These passengers get a generous share of chocolates along with neck pillows and eye masks from Anthon Berg. 

The machine has been dispensing happiness at the Copenhagen Airport for some time now but there are plans to spread joy in other cities as well. We guess Oslo is the next lucky airport that will get to welcome the Pink Machine towards this fall. 

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