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Tax doubled for business class travelers in U.S. from July 2014

by amit.uniyal 10. January 2014 09:48

Whether you travel by United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Virgin America or other U.S. carriers, business class flights are set to become costlier from July 2014. Media reports recently said that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has assessed the airline security fee on each airline passenger and concluded that the travelers booking business class tickets would now be required to pay increased fee, which will now be more than double than the existing rate. The reports said that the airline security fee will now be $5.60 per segment from the existing $2.50.

Media reports said that the new change will be effective from July this year. The increased user fees would be beneficial in covering 43 percent of the costs required by the Transportation Security Administration. The user fees previously used to cover 30 percent of the costs of TSA. The new fees would also help the government to save more than $12 billion over the next decade. The airlines see the new regulations as worrisome as the increased fee is likely to impact the business and dissuade the travelers from booking business class tickets. But, the current security situation has made the airlines to take the new regulations in their stride.

Media reports said that the air travelers are also quite mindful of the present security situation and won’t grudge in footing the Transportation Security Administration’s bill so as to avoid another shutdown and keep the country’s economy stable.

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