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Paris is a city of different facets and unbelievable credentials

by amit.uniyal 12. March 2014 08:25

Paris is a city that needs no introduction. The French capital is one of the most frequently visited cities in the world. The world knows Paris as a city of love, fashion capital of the world, city of bikes, and city of lights. A metropolitan know for its iconic landmark Eiffel Tower a multicultural, vibrant, and incredible lifestyle, culture, and cuisine. Located on the banks of the River Seine there are several breathtaking locales worth a visit here. To the outside world Paris is a city of fun and frolic, however, there is a different side to the French capital. Let us delve into the different side of this gorgeous city and uncover some unconventional truths about it.

Paris was named after a tribe that once settled here
The city derives its name from the Gaul tribe of Parisii. The tribal community settled here long time back thus giving the name to a city, that was to become so famous in the future for many reasons.

Paris boasts of maximum number of Michelin star restaurants
The city is in love with food and offers a haven for food lovers from across the world. Its love for food reflects from the fact that in year 2010 it consisted of 95-Michelin star restaurants. This is the highest number of the star studded restaurants in a city worldwide! The locals may not find it too fascinating however, it is great news for the ones who wish to turn to this city for a gastronomical feast.

Eiffel Tower needs high maintenance

The landmark structure decorating the premises of the French capital needs high maintenance. The tower needs to be painted once in every seven years. Weighing about 7000 tones, this mammoth structure requires 50 tones of paint for a fresh quote. However, the most intriguing fact about it is that it was to be dismantled and sold as scrap post construction!

Paris has an extensive route for bikers
The city that once was flooded with taxis on its streets has now turned towards the eco-friendly mode of bikes. At present, it boats of an extensive network of over 270 miles of biking path. The city has decided to expand it further to a robust 435 miles by the end of the year 2014.

Nighttime photos of Eiffel Tower can’t be published without permission
Well yes, you read that right! You cannot publish nighttime photos of the iconic tower without the permission of the SETE, its operating company. For all weird and bizarre reasons, in 1990 the French court passed a ruling in favor of copyright protection act for the light stream pasted to it on its hundredth anniversary.

Paris is not the original capital of France
Believe it or not Paris is not the original capital of France. Under the Roman Empire, the city of Lyon served as the French capital. However, Paris was granted this coveted title under the rule of King Clovis in 508 A.D. The credit of making it the permanent capital goes to King Philippe Auguste who ruled between 1180 and 1223. Interestingly, when France was captured by Germany during the World War II, Vichy served as the French capital during the four-year period that lasted from 1940 to 1944.

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